The War that Changed the World

The War that Changed the World

During the kingdom era, many people still lived with a harsh government system. To be able to survive, of course, you must have the ability to be hard and strong in dealing with all problems. War is the solution to all problems. But did you know that the war that changed the world became more different?

There are so many types of wars that have happened in all corners of the country. As a result of the war, there were some people who felt disadvantaged and there were many who gained a lot. Only a few people consider war to be a blessing but it also claims many lives.

Many joined

It’s no wonder that war is the reason many people want to live a long life in peace. Not a few wars have occurred. To be able to win, you need to fight hard to live. Some types of war that you can understand are: Visitmurraycountyok

For a hundred years

A war that continues to be passed on to children and grandchildren turns out to take quite a long time. There have been many kings who have continued to change and wage war without stopping. In addition to the king who kept changing, it turns out that during the war there were several countries that also joined. Many historical experts say that wars occurred because of power struggles, political systems, and much more.

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One of the wars that turned out to have triggered the struggle for the holy land. Successful wars affect the world and history. Who would have thought the crusade happened because of religious issues? Not a few people joined the fight. In the belief that if you join the war then all the sins in the soul will be erased too.

A war that turned out to take many victims. Who would have thought that around seven million people had died? Those who died were mostly ordinary citizens who could not fight. As a result of the fall of King Louis XVI, many countries joined in the wake. The Napoleonic wars also turned out to be successful in making several countries submit.