The vast Buton Fort

The vast Buton Fort

You can find the largest Buton fort in the world in various places. Hearing the word fort, of course, you will remember several buildings from Europe. There are lots of people who don’t know that Indonesia also has a very large fort. Buton Fort is a palace fortress that has a land area of twenty-two hectares.

To be able to see the fortress of the Buton palace, you can go to Southeast Sulawesi. In the center of Bau-bau, you will find a very large fort with well-maintained walls. Do not forget that in the Buton palace-fortress, there are also several heavy weapons such as cannons.

MURI record

Visitmurraycountyok – The cannons placed in every corner of the fort are still visible today. Did you know that the Buton palace fortress is now a historical place and has been included in historical records? Not only entered into history but also entered into muri records and Guinness World Records.

In 2006 the Buton palace fort was designated as a fort that had a large area of land. Of course, no one would have thought that the fortress of the Buton palace had succeeded in making the Indonesian people proud. If you look behind the Buton palace-fortress, it is the territory of the Wolio kingdom.

Start building the fort

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The first kingdom was led by a woman. As time went on, the Wolio kingdom also changed into a sultanate. During the reign of Sultan Kamuddin Khalifatul Khamis, he began to build a fort. After a long process of about ten years, the fort was completed. Based on some information, the Buton palace fort was built with assistance from the Netherlands.

The most unique thing about Buton Fort is
When building the fort use egg-white glue
The stone used comes from the mountain
Did you know that the famine season almost killed the workers? But surprisingly no one died.
It turns out that none of the workers who took part in building the fort of the Buon palace were married