The royal system turned into a republic

The royal system turned into a republic

In ancient times the system of forming the government and guarding the people still used the royal system. In the royal system, there will be a king or emperor who rules and determines all existing decisions. People just follow everything that has been decided and can’t be bothered by anyone. Gradually the royal system turned into a form of state that used the voice of the people. The royal system that turned into a republic certainly makes many wonders.

Countries that previously used the kingdom turned into a republic. The country was formed with 2 different systems. From these two things, the state must decide which government system to use. It’s a tough and confusing decision.

The system forms the country

Monarchy is a system that is formed with the leadership of the direct head of state, namely the king, queen, or emperor. As for the republic, it is the formation of a government that is determined by the people and the people determine the president or head of state. With this meaning, it is easy for heads of state to determine what system of government they will choose. Visitmurraycountyok

Maybe many of us don’t know that many countries that were previously royal have turned into republics. There are several European countries also follow the republic system. Here are the names of the kingdoms that turned into republics, namely:


Italy is a country that previously had a royal system. Changes occurred when Italy suffered a defeat in the second world war. This made the Italians think to advance the glory of the people and turn into a republic. Many Italians hope that the government system is formed with a new system to protect the people.


At the beginning of the formation of Hungary used the royal system. The kingdom also proposed Cooperation with Austria. Cooperation that has been formed for a long time was stopped because of the defeat of the first world war. So Hungary decided to become a republic.


Nepal is a country that has a very long history. Many stories make Nepal able to stand as the first monarchy. Unfortunately, the monarchy system collapsed. The collapse occurred because the Nepalese royal family was shot. A member of the Nepalese kingdom was killed and had to immediately replace the figure of a new king.

Almost all residents do not believe the news and seek the truth. There was a revolt that weakened the kingdom and made the kingdom Nepal disband and turn into a republic.

establish independence//Laos

A country located in Southeast Asia. Laos was previously a royal state. The kingdom was formed because it became part of the French colonial. Laos also made a treaty regarding complete independence and sovereignty. The name of the treaty is Franco-Lao. An agreement that made France must surrender all remaining power to the King of Laos. The Kingdom of Laos has experienced a civil war. Laos became a republic when the troops who participated in the civil war succeeded in carrying out a coup.


Vietnam is a country that has a lot of history regarding the rule of dynasties that have existed in ancient times. Vietnam is also a country that was colonized. Two countries colonized Vietnam, namely France and Japan. The start of Vietnam’s independence during the second world war. Japan lost and one of the young men named Hochi Minh proposed Vietnam become a republic.