Some royal rules

Some royal rules

Some royal rules must be implemented. Being born into a noble family made many rules that must be followed. Many people think that living in a luxury building can get everything. But did you know that those who live in luxurious buildings are jealous of ordinary people?

In contrast to some ordinary people who were also very jealous of the life of the nobility. Sometimes what people see is very different from what they do. However, life can never be predicted. There are several rules that you must obey when you become a member of the kingdom, such as:


Many think that if a prince gets married, he will immediately propose. But it turns out there are some rules that say if you want to apply you have to ask for approval from the kingdom first. Visitmurraycountyok

Choose a crown

When the prince is getting married, the Queen must choose a crown for the bride. Maybe many think that being a member of the kingdom can be free to do everything. Of course, you can’t do everything you want. In choosing a crown, of course, the queen will choose it from several collections of crowns that the queen likes.

decorate hand wreaths with myrtle//group of children

There must be a myrtle

At a royal or aristocratic family wedding, of course, don’t forget to decorate the stage with beautiful flowers. This also applies to bridal bouquets. The beautiful hand bouquets are inlaid with myrtle flowers. Flowers are very famous for various wedding events. Of course, many do not know that myrtle flowers have a meaning that is quite beautiful. The meaning of flower represents the goddess of beauty. A symbol that has been widely used by women – great and beautiful women.

Group of young children

Not to forget also preparing a collection of children – children who are sweet and funny. A collection of small children who are often present at weddings.

Can’t get married
There are some rules that can be said to be very strange. The regulations say that the royal family cannot marry someone who adheres to the Roman Catholic religion. Rules that survived only in the year two thousand and eleven.

Can’t choose
As long as they are members of the kingdom, the princes and other members have never participated in elections.