Kingdom of recommendation

Kingdom of recommendation

Kanjuruhan kingdom is a kingdom that once stood in the area of East Java. One of the oldest kingdoms in East Java. Maybe some of you won’t believe that there is the oldest kingdom in the East Java area. Many people say that the Mataram kingdom is the oldest kingdom in the East Java region. Kingdom of recommendation

But based on stories and historical records, this Kanjuruhan kingdom has the same standing age as the Tarumanegara kingdom. The kingdom which turned out to have stood first and triumphed during the reign of the Kanjuruhan kingdom. To find stories and legacies, many people try to dig up the history of the East Java kingdom.

Found an inscription

Visitmurraycountyok – The kingdom is located in the metro river close to the slopes of Gunung Kawi. To prove that this kingdom existed, of course, you have to look for some relics that tell about the kingdom of Kanjuruhan. An expert found some relics from the Kanjuruhan kingdom.

An inscription that turns out to have an age of about seven hundred more AD. The inscription tells the way of his life in the kingdom of Kanjuruhan. Of course, many are curious about the kingdom of Kanjuruhan right? The inscriptions were found around the metro river area. Not only that, it turns out that there are several temples that you can find around the river.

wise king//the oldest in East Java

Start expanding the territory

During the founding of this Kanjuruhan kingdom, there were several kings who succeeded in making the kingdom continue to prosper. The king succeeded in making the people prosperous and expanding his territory. Did you know that the area controlled by the Kanjuruhan kingdom actually reached the Semeru Mountains?

Not only around the Mount Semeru area. The Kanjuruhan kingdom also expanded its territory to the Java Sea area. From the south and north, it is controlled by the kingdom of Kanjuruhan. During its heyday, the Kanjuruhan kingdom also had a wise and just leader.

Began to disappear

There are several histories that say the Kanjuruhan kingdom ended when the Mataram period began to expand its territory. This is what makes the kingdom of Kanjuruhan disappear. Who would have thought that before the Mataram kingdom was established there was already another kingdom that was older than Mataram?