Kingdom in Riau

Kingdom in Riau

It turns out that the kingdom of Riau is not just one country. but there are lots of kingdoms that have been recorded as the oldest kingdoms. The government system that has not yet implemented a modern system turns out to have existed beforehand. History lovers and archaeologists will certainly be very happy to be able to research the kingdoms in Riau.

Some say that Riau has the six oldest kingdoms. Of course, you are very curious, right? any kingdom that ever existed in Riau. Here are some royal names namely:


Visitmurraycountyok – The kingdom is located in a Siak district in the province of Riau. The Kingdom of Siak has embraced the religion of Islam. The kingdom also witnessed the independence of Indonesia. Previously, the Siak area belonged to Johor. The area which is now a sign of the presence of the Siak kingdom. Even though it is too old, the Siak kingdom itself still has some relics and the kingdom is still maintained until now. Although still royal. It turned out that the leader of the Siak kingdom decided to join Indonesia.

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In Riau, there is still the kingdom of Kandis. A kingdom that existed for a long time and became one of the oldest kingdoms in the archipelago. The kingdom began to collapse due to the struggle for territory with Majapahit.

Left Kampar Region

If you are traveling in Koto Dalam, then try to stop by and see the Rantau Kampar Kiri kingdom. If you look at the story, the Rantau Kampar Kiri kingdom still exists today.

Reed koto

The kingdom whose history is recorded is the oldest kingdom. The story of the kingdom which until now is a question mark. Many experts are still curious about the detailed story of the Koto Alang kingdom.


The kingdom that embraced Hinduism once ruled in Rokan Hulu. This kingdom became a sign of the rise of Malay people in the Rokan Hulu area. The distinctive shape of the building is made specifically for the Malay area.

Kuntu Darussalam

In Riau, the kingdom of Kuntu Darussalam became the first kingdom to embrace Islam. Prosperous and strategic kingdoms make lots of pepper swords fighting over territory. Kingdoms that have collaborated with foreign countries.