Hindu style kingdom

Hindu style kingdom

We can find Hindu-style kingdoms in Indonesia. Indonesia has various types of culture and one of them is Hindu culture. One of the religions was brought by the Indians and developed in several places in the archipelago. No wonder when visiting a tourist spot we find several types of carvings that contain Hindu elements. Hindu style kingdom

The development is so rapid that several regions have a history of Hinduism. Indonesian territory is a strategic area for trade. This makes many traders stop and stay in Indonesia. There are several kingdoms that still have a history of Hindu culture.

Those kingdoms are

Kutai Kingdom – Visitmurraycountyok
The Kutai kingdom is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. To be able to see the Kutai kingdom, we have to prepare a fee to go to East Kalimantan. The kingdom of Kutai found several types of Hindu cultural heritage. When walking in the kingdom of Kutai we will find an inscription that resembles a Yupa. Inside the Yupa there are 7 stones inscribed with Sanskrit letters. Sanskrit letters are letters from India.


The kingdom that stands in the Bogor area has 7 unique inscriptions. The seven inscriptions have different names. Based on its history, Tarumanegara has succeeded in advancing the welfare of the people. Successfully making water canals for farmers made Tarumanegara known as an advanced kingdom.

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To find out the story of Kediri, we can go directly to an inscription written in Chinese characters. The rapid development made Kediri once a kingdom that was often reported by its people. Not only one inscription that you find but there are several more in the kingdom of Kediri.


Heyyo, who’s ever heard the story about ken Arok and ken Dedes? In the kingdom of Singosari, we will find the life story of a king named Ken Arok. In the life of Ken Arok, there are often power struggles, murders, and much more. When he became king, Ken Arok managed to win a battle with the kingdom of Kediri. Since then the establishment of the Singosari kingdom.

The Sunda Kingdom of Pajajaran

If we study the Sundanese kingdom of Pajajaran, we will stop by the Tarumanegara kingdom. It is known that the formation of the Sunda Pajajaran kingdom was a continuation of the Tarumanegara kingdom. Sunda Pajajaran before standing strong often experienced displacement.


A kingdom that also often experiences a lot of suffering and trials. In the life of Majapahit, he became a silent witness to the struggle for power. That’s what makes a lot of people tell different versions of Majapahit. The palapa oath began when a Majapahit knight took an oath to enlarge the kingdom. The oath is not just a figment.
Majapahit developed and advanced to the peak of his victory. But this turned out to have to stop when the Majapahit knight died.