Forgotten kingdom

Forgotten kingdom

The forgotten kingdom certainly makes many people wonder about a kingdom that no longer exists. It’s not just disappearing and being invisible. It’s just that it’s rare for anyone to mention the name of the kingdom. a kingdom that was once victorious and in power in its time.

As a historical writer, of course, he does not experience difficulties in historical stories. Some people who don’t understand history only believe based on books and also the words of other people. No one will ever know that in fact there were several kingdoms that once ruled and lost their names.

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Visitmurraycountyok – There are many types of royal history that you can find in history books. Maybe there are several kingdoms whose names are not listed so many people do not know about these kingdoms. For you historians, don’t give up. You can ask some of the research people.

Here are the royal names


A kingdom that has existed for quite a long time 300 years. A kingdom that gives freedom to its people in choosing the religion they believe in themselves. When you hear the news, of course, it is clear that people live happily and prosperously. It’s just that the peace ended in the hands of the king’s son-in-law. Trying to take down the enemy with a plan that was made but ended up stabbing the plan maker. This made many of the descendants of the Vijayanagar kingdom hide and build small kingdoms. The unkempt kingdom of Vijayanagar became the abode of rebels and thieves. And some wild animals like tigers.

successful and ever powerful//Majapahit

Majapahit is a kingdom that was once powerful and victorious in its time. The period when they once ruled over the sea lanes. Not only that, under Gajah Mada’s leadership, ordinary people got promoted when they succeeded in helping restore the power of King Jayanegara.

Qara – Khitai
Kingdom located in Central Asia. A kingdom formed from circumcised people. Passing through some dry and barren places. Until they reached the Balasagun place. A place that has many Islamic teachings. However, the legacy of circumcision also managed to enter into the civilization of the people there. So that they can coexist. But who would have thought that the Qara-Khitai empire had to end because of a man named Kuchlug? A Nestorian Christian who was appointed son-in-law and became king of the Qara kingdom. Dissatisfied with what he achieved, he made raids on several Islamic empires. As a result, the people were angry and supported the invasion of the enemy.