First kingdom

First kingdom

The first kingdom apparently existed for a long time. Before the formation of a new and strong government. There has been an era of empires that ruled the world. A kingdom is a place where a king and queen live together. A kingdom that also succeeded in giving many glories to each of its citizens.

If you remember the old royal era, of course, it will be very different from the current royal period. The current kingdom has more discussions with several influential people. Don’t just make a decision. In contrast to the work in the past where the decisions of the king and queen were absolute and could not be disturbed.

Pay wages

Visitmurraycountyok – Even so, there are still several kingdoms that still adhere to the monarchy system. A system where all decisions are in the hands of the king and queen. When the kingdom was built, many people felt happy and safe. Feeling that someone is protecting them from bad people. A kingdom built to protect and protect the people.

All of these protect without reward now the people have to pay a fee as a sign of security. A security that is paid for not only with money, sometimes the people have to provide services to the king and queen. Protection is capable of protecting people from danger.

The 2 kingdoms that stood first

different from the old and new kingdoms//sumeria

In ancient times, to provide help and protection, many of them used force. A power that can make the law so higher and stronger. Many are wondering which kingdom stood first in BC?

After being traced by several experts, it turns out that the first kingdoms existed, namely Egypt and Sumer. The two kingdoms that turned out to have an older age than the other kingdoms. The results of the research show that the Sumerian kingdom was located between the Trigis and Euphrates rivers in Iraq.

Build it yourself

The language they have is different from the others. They even made the system under development. Maybe many don’t believe that Sumerians ever existed in BC. But that didn’t make them give up when they were looking for some evidence about the existence of the Sumerian empire.