Collapsed empire

Collapsed empire

Falling empires can be caused by many things. From lack of defense to defeat in wars can cause empires to fall. There are lots of factors that can make a kingdom so it can’t be rebuilt. There are several kingdoms that turned out to collapse due to civil war. A war that dragged some of the greatest empires in history. Collapsed empire

Surely you are curious about these collapsed kingdoms. Here are some names namely:


Visitmurraycountyok – A large and powerful empire can actually collapse and make many people suffer. A civil war became the cause of the kingdom being unable to defend itself. All the descendants of the kings in the Hayam Wuruk era began to fight and fight for the throne of the Majapahit kingdom. The war that took a long time made many soldiers die. After several years of civil war or what is called paragreg ended with the defeat of Panderan Wirabhumi. As a result of the war that took a long time, the kingdom could not rise and suffered destruction at the hands of the new king.


The kingdom was built by one of the children of the king of Majapahit. During the founding of the Demak kingdom, there were many people who spread the teachings of Islam in the Java area, including Demak. Demak was also the first kingdom to embrace Islam. For several years the kingdom’s peace and tranquility began to be disturbed because of the struggle for power and the throne. A civil war that took a long time.

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This dispute occurred because the king who had been chosen was more focused on the spread of Islam. This made all the ministers and some small rulers in Demak begin to separate themselves from the kingdom of Demak. Seeing that the kingdom was starting to retreat, the Aryan prince stepped forward and tried to take over the kingdom. Hearing this caused a civil war that lasted quite a long time. The war ended when it managed to defeat the Aryan prince’s army.


During its heyday, the Banten kingdom succeeded in developing and improving the course of trade. Islamic empire that succeeded in spreading the religion of Islam to all the people of Banten. During its heyday, it turned out that the Banten kingdom also experienced difficult problems. There was a civil war between father and son in Banten. The occurrence of disputes made members of the VOC communists succeed in taking advantage of narrow opportunities. Making the king of Banten retreat and the kingdom becomes unstable.