Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the residence of the royal family. The official palace in the city of London. While being led by Queen Elizabeth II, many guests often come to the kingdom. Often welcomes dignitaries and invites guests to relax at Buckingham Palace. Having a beautiful and fresh garden made many people visit the palace frequently.

Many people came to the palace through the public entrance. Only on certain days can Buckingham Palace be opened and the beautiful garden can be seen. Apart from being a place to live, it turns out that BuckinghamPalace is also a place that often holds official events. Visitmurraycountyok

There are many rooms

The palace is so vast and has many rooms. If you are an outsider, you can definitely get lost and not be able to return to your room. there are seven hundred and seventy-five rooms available. From this room, there is a room that turns out to be used as the king and queen’s study.

Surely you guys are curious, aren’t all of the rooms there any rooms, namely:

Nineteen guest rooms
Fifty-two royal and guest rooms
One hundred and eighty-eight employees beds
There are ninety-two office rooms
Seventy-eight there is a bathroom room

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The size of the building at the front is one hundred and eight meters long, then there is a central quadrangle and it measures one hundred and twenty meters deep and twenty-four meters high. If you look from afar the view of the palace is so magnificent. Almost all events and awards use Buckingham Palace.

Have lots of memories

Surely many of you don’t know that there are so many people visiting the palace. Both people from the kingdom or guests from other countries always come to stay and celebrate national days in England. Who would have thought that Buckingham Palace was actually a palace that was gifted to Queen Charlotte?

As a comfortable home and close to St. James. There are so many unforgettable and unforgettable memories of Buckingham Palace. Lots of royal members gave birth and raised their children in their beloved palace. After all this time, it turned out that Buckingham Palace had made several repairs and changed to become a palace. Who would have thought that before it became a palace it was only a comfortable home for a family.