The fortress of the era of the Indonesian kingdom.

The fortress of the era of the Indonesian kingdom.

The fortress of the royal era turned out to have existed before the arrival of foreigners in Indonesia. The fort made of stone with earth bears witness to the hard work to protect all the people. Therefore, forts made from nature are better known as natural forts. The fortress of the era of the Indonesian kingdom.

based on the story of a natural fortress that existed before the foreigners were actually built when it was still in the Majapahit kingdom era. At first, a king’s trust made a fort to protect the people from enemies. It’s just that the completed construction of the fort must see bloodshed.

Beginning of the story

Visitmurraycountyok – It is said that the bloodshed could occur because the king had been lied to by his men. Says that his trusted person is trying to betray him by gathering troops and will put up a fight. At first, the king did not believe the words of his men.

The king went to see and almost all the words of his men were true. Seeing this the king was angry and began to seize the fort from his confidant. An unexpected tragedy was a fort built to protect the people and the king was thought to want to fight the king.

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Fort name

Seeing the making of the fort, it can be said that the era of the kingdom was also progressing. Although by using soil and stone the fort managed to protect many people. In addition to natural forts, Indonesia also has several forts inherited from invaders and foreigners.

It can be seen that every place and area has a heritage fort during the world war. The fort was built with sophisticated materials. Of course, you are curious about what forts are in Indonesia. The following are the names of the forts that existed in the era of the Indonesian kingdom, namely:
Indra Pratama fort from aceh
Liya Togo – Southeast Sulawesi
Fort Rotterdam comes from South Sulawesi
Young Iskandar – Aceh and many more
Maybe many do not think that the forts that are scattered in Indonesia are actually the work of the ancient kingdom.