The world’s first kingdom

The world’s first kingdom

The first kingdom in the world has been around since BC. Many think that at that time they still did not know civilization. Who would have thought that the formation of a kingdom could start from the formation of a group? Having the thought of protecting each other and also protecting the group so that an empire is formed. The world’s first kingdom

Of course, in the kingdom, it is not just leading. Some kings and queens lead the people and several candidates complement the formation of the kingdom such as ministers, advisors, attorneys, and so on. Before the formation of large and modern cities, it turns out that several great and powerful kingdoms stood.

As we know, the formation of the first kingdom was not just to lead but was formed to protect and protect their people. The royal government system began to take shape. Since giving protection to the people of the kingdom began to carry out a rule, one of these rules the people who want to survive and live where have to pay tribute or commonly called taxes.

Of course, many are curious about which of the first kingdoms ever existed in the world, namely:

Egypt – Visitmurraycountyok

Egypt was the first country to start forming an empire. First Egypt has two regions, namely upstream and downstream. In ancient times these two regions were ruled by one king. But because there are several conflicts, Egypt is now divided into two. Namely the upstream and downstream areas.

form the first kingdom//Egypt


In India, there was also the first kingdom. The first kingdom of the Mauryan empire. The powerful kingdoms lasted for quite a long time and ended in the Vedic period.


China also had the first empire that existed for a long time. The first kingdom to exist was the Xia dynasty. The founding of the Xia dynasty can be said not for a while judging from the research the Xia dynasty already existed in the year one thousand six hundred to two thousand and seventy BC.


Georgia also once had a great empire. Based on the history of the state Georgia has 2 kingdoms namely Colchis and Iberia. The two kingdoms turned out to have existed in the Bronze Age. From the two kingdoms, it turns out that the Colchians kingdom adheres to the Greek mythological system