Portuguese terror

Portuguese terror

The Portuguese terror succeeded in making some people afraid and succeeded in conquering the population. The Portuguese have great power in the military system. In the war at sea, the Portuguese troops were superior. The type of ship they use is not an ordinary ship but a ship that has some sophisticated technology.

Although it has some great tools. Portuguese ships were easier to navigate. Not heavy and light so when turning the bow it can be easier to follow the wind. It can almost be said that the ability to fight is very ruthless. Many stories in the records say that the Portuguese army implemented a cruel system when conducting war. So many people are afraid and submit to the Portuguese.


Visitmurraycountyok – One of my Portuguese colleagues also implemented a cruel system that made many people unable to move. Thanks to this terror, many bodies of Muslims were not allowed to be buried in the cave area of India. Various places and stories always tell how cruel the Portuguese people were and how loud the terror they gave was that many people could not sleep in peace.

In the glory of the Portuguese once committed a cruel murder. A murder filled with violence and revenge. The small kingdom of Portugal was filled with the thick smell of blood. The system of cruelty that was just terror has become a habit that cannot be lost.

Be mean

no mercy//cruel

The Portuguese once made war by killing many Portuguese members. To replace all the lives of its members, the leader, who happened to meet some of the ship’s occupants who were Muslims, had the opportunity to frighten them. Some people who are afraid even offer many things such as giving treasures and other valuable items.

But without realizing it, it doesn’t matter. Even though there were many children and women on board, all the Portuguese soldiers continued to kill. By burning all the passengers on the ship alive. Of course, many people boil their heads and hearts when they hear the actions of the Portuguese. So cruel and heartless.