A country that is still led by a king

A country that is still led by a king

Time goes on and on and on. Development continues to advance following modern times. Lots of new things keep coming to decorate many places. Each country will also make many changes to be able to progress. In ancient times, every country was led by great kings and replaced by a system of government. Although a lot has changed, the system of protecting the country is still the same. Several countries are still led by wise and strong kings. A country that is still led by a king

Even though they are still led by the king, it doesn’t mean that their lives are like in the ancient rules. Regulations and systems continue to evolve following today’s era. Likewise, countries that are still led by the king also follow the modern system. It doesn’t look old-fashioned and can still keep up with today’s era.

If we delve into the matter of the kingdom, of course, there is no end. There are so many countries that originally led the kingdom to turn into a country with a system of government. However, it turns out that there are still some countries that are still led by great and strong kings. The king whose system of government will continue to run until the next generation.

The following is a list of the names of the countries that are still led by the king, namely:

English Visitmurraycountyok
A country ruled by a beautiful and wise queen. The reign of a queen for so long was able to make the British country advanced and prosperous. A queen who has a lot of complete power over all the country’s decisions.


The country also has a kingdom led by Nawaf al-Sabah. Kuwait itself is known as an oil country. Which is where a lot of oil is on the Persian Gulf coast. Kuwait also has a sub-tropical mountain climate.

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Saudi Arabia

A country that leads with an absolute monarchy government system. Where every word that takes precedence is the word of the king. As for the prime minister, it is only a sign of the formation of the state.


The country is next to Saudi Arabia in the south. Qatar has a governing system that is a constitutional monarchy or can be said to be an absolute monarchy. A country that also has high progress because Qatar also has natural gas and oil reserves. Qatar is included in the list of the top 3 for oil and natural gas reserves. Exactly in 2022, Qatar will host the world cup.


Previously the Netherlands was led by a person named Beatrix. Since the queen died, the power was replaced by a king who was the son of Queen Beatrix, namely William Alexander. The system that is run uses the power of the president of the state council. A king who was appointed and could not rule directly.

Thailand A country that is still led by a king

Thailand is one of the countries that was never colonized by European countries. Its location in the middle makes Thailand a strong country. Thai culture is influenced by 2 cultures, namely China and India.


The Vatican has a unique system of government. The ruler of the Vatican is a pope. Based on the observation that the pope does not give up the office by descent. Instead, they are chosen based on the decisions of the cardinal council. Thus the royal system can still be led by the pope. Who holds power and also becomes a king.