The woman who was once a king

The woman who was once a king

If you read some history, there are lots of stories of kings who succeeded in making their kingdoms victorious and growing rapidly. But did you know that ancient kingdoms were once led by women? Of course, it will be a question right? Which woman was once a king and from what kingdom?

Here are some names of women who have led the kingdom, namely:

Sultanah Nahrasiyah

Visitmurraycountyok – The first woman to become a leader in the country of Aceh. When talking about Aceh, you will remember the Samudra Pasai kingdom. A woman who led and replaced her father, King Malikussaleh. As long as he was led by Sultanah Nahrasiyah, there were many advanced developments of the kingdom, such as the development of the kingdom. Many things have been improved while being led by Sultanah Nahrasiyah such as women’s rights, trade, people’s welfare, and many more.

Dyah Tulodong

One of the women who led the kingdom of Mataram. A queen who turned out to have a great story. Succeeded in thwarting King Airlangga’s plan to dominate the Mataram kingdom. Even though we don’t know much about her story, Dyah Tulodong still has great services in protecting the kingdom from enemies.

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Sultana Safiatuddin

Sultanah Safiatuddin is a queen who leads the kingdom of Aceh. From what is known, the Aceh kingdom was led by a king named Sultan Iskandar Tsani. It’s just that the sultan Iskandar Tsani died so queen Sultanah Safiatuddin led the kingdom of Aceh. This could happen because the king and queen of Aceh at that time had no children. It’s not easy to get recognition from many people.

Even so, the queen managed to prove to many people that she had succeeded in developing the kingdom for the better. It’s not just making the kingdom grow. But also make the kingdom safe and not experience many wars. In her heyday, it turned out that the queen was also good at controlling the atmosphere when she was at war with the enemy. Managed to protect the kingdom from evil European invaders.