KHMER Empire

KHMER Empire

The KHMER empire is the largest empire in Asia. To be able to visit and see the KHMER empire, you can come to Cambodia. The kingdom that once ruled 3 great countries namely Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. In the story, the KHMER kingdom was founded by a prince who once lived in Central Java.

A prince who became king named Jayavarman II. Prince establishes cooperation with the kingdom of Java. The capital of the KHMER Kingdom was Angkor. The religions adopted by the KHMER kingdom are Shiva Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. The most memorable thing in the KHMER empire is the capital of the KHMER empire.

Examine relics

Visitmurraycountyok – A very magnificent building as a sign of the glory of the KHMER empire. Apart from showing glory and power, you can also see signs of a belief that existed in the KHMER empire. Various types of beliefs exist in the core forms of Angkor buildings. The KHMER Kingdom had experienced defeat and was conquered by the Thai state.

If you are a researcher of ancient relics, of course, you will not stop at the history of the KHMER kingdom. There are many things that you can find from his story and some relics from the KHMER empire. Much is still unknown about the KHMER empire. Some archaeologists describe the KHMER kingdom through several relics which contain several writings. Writing is written in various letters such as Japanese, Birman, Sanskrit, and many more.

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Appointed the king of the universe

If you look at the writings of historical heritage, the king from the KHMER kingdom proposed to a princess from the city of Angkor. After getting the king’s daughter invited him to go to the island of Java. It didn’t take long for the existence of King Jayavarman II who lived in Java to finally return to Cambodia to establish the KHMER kingdom.

Based on the people’s belief that the king of the KHMER kingdom was an incarnation of a god. This is what makes some people perform sacred ceremonies on the sacred mountain Mahendrapartawa. The Phnom Kulen area was once the sacred ritual site of the KHMER king. In this ceremony the ritual carried out was to appoint King Jayawrman as the ruler of the universe.