The sultan’s kingdom still exists in Indonesia

The sultan’s kingdom still exists in Indonesia

Hi friends, let’s find out which areas still have a sultan’s kingdom that still exists in Indonesia. Based on the story, Indonesia used to have many types of kingdoms and is still led by the founders of the kingdom. A great empire capable of leading the people and advancing.

In the past, there were many kinds of great kingdoms. Their greatness is able to accept Cooperation with newcomers to advance the people. When considering the history of the previous kingdoms, no one would have thought that these kingdoms still existed today,

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Visitmurraycountyok – It is undeniable that time continues to make several types of kingdoms buried in historical stories. In the era of the kingdom, the words of the king in each area were absolute and the people could only listen. But since Indonesia’s independence, the decisions of the kings have not been able to shake the hearts of the people.

Indonesia, which continues to advance, makes many types of kingdoms also advance each region. Even though it has become independent there are still several kingdoms that still exist in Indonesia. The sultans still have a leadership spirit and only rule in the area where they live.

The types of sultanate kingdoms that still exist in Indonesia are:

Before the formation of Yogyakarta, there was a name for the type of Mataram kingdom. The Mataram kingdom which adheres to Islamic teachings is one of the largest kingdoms in Java. The previously United Kingdom was finally divided into 2 parts of the region. The division of the region was due to the Giyanti agreement in the year thousand seven hundred and fifty-five.

One of the areas that are shared in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta was led by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono the first. Since being led by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono, the first Yogyakarta has also established a palace as the main place for the royal system to work. Although it is still a kingdom, Yogyakarta is also part of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia. It became a special area of ​​Yogyakarta in 1950.

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The Surakarta area is one of the areas divided by the giyanti agreement. The location of Surakarta is in solo with the name of the Surakarta palace. Unique to Surakarta, there is a tall tower where the queen of the southern seas and the king of Surakarta meet. But not only meet the queen of the southern seas but the tall tower was also used as a place to spy on the Dutch troops. The founder of the high tower in Surakarta was Sri Susuhan Pakubuwono 3 in 1782.


The area of ​​the sultanate turned out to be obtained by the split from Cirebon. A large area like a football field. If you look at it, you can build a giant soccer field in Kanoman.


Located on the north coast on the border of West Java and Central Java. Cirebon can also be called a cultural liaison between Java and Sunda. Cirebon has a type of kingdom in the form of the kingdom of Pajajaran. The kingdom that previously wanted to hand over leadership to the heirs turned out to be given to other heirs. This is because of religious differences. Prince Cakra Buana who became the first heir to embrace Islam could not lead the Pajajaran kingdom so he was replaced by Prabu Surawisesa who embraced the Sundanese religion.

It is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. This kingdom, which was formed from 4 villages, could happen because of the frequent appearance of pirates who like to rob. This made the 4 villages merge and formed Ternate. The kingdom of Ternate became one of the kingdoms that were named the sultanate because the king and several leaders in Ternate began to embrace Islam.