The powerful army of the royal era

The powerful army of the royal era

The powerful army of the royal era succeeded in bringing many victories and expanding power. The strength they get from hard training and upbringing has been done since childhood. Ancient troops may be different from modern troops. When modern times are familiar with sophisticated and powerful weapons.

Troops from the royal era began to strengthen their strength in terms of sword skills and also strategies to defeat the enemy. Prepare a great tactic so that it can overthrow thousands of enemies. Great troops that succeeded in overthrowing the enemy in the kingdom era, namely:


This strong and tough warrior can wield a sword to kill enemies. Troops also often kidnap people – people to facilitate the work system that defeats the enemy. The Hashashin warriors are better known for fighting over the Alamut fortress. Warriors formed from the schism of Shia Ismail. Visitmurraycountyok

Maybe many don’t know that the fortress that was captured by the Hashashins has a fairly large area. So it takes quite a long time to be able to seize the Alamut fortress.


One of the strongest warriors came from the Aztec tribe from the territory of the United States. The weapon they use to defeat the enemy is a sharp stone weapon with serrated edges around it. The jaguar warrior costume uses clothes patterned with jaguar fur. Did you know that jaguar warriors never stop fighting? They continue to fight not to seize power but to find victims to be sacrificed to the gods. All young men in the Aztec region who turned seventeen years of age would be trained to become warriors.

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Do some tough and strengthening exercises. For youths who want to be considered adults, they must be able to catch victims. If they manage to get a victim, they are immediately accepted as warriors by the jaguar. To be great like them anyone can join as long as they can get victims. The jaguar warrior has a strong combat power. Only in the combat equipment, they are still less sophisticated.