The first Islamic empire

The first Islamic empire

The first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia was the Samudra Pasai kingdom. Based on the stories you have heard, of course, you think that the Samudra Pasai kingdom was the first kingdom to embrace Islam. It turned out that after being investigated and found, it turned out that there was another kingdom that had existed before the Samudra Pasai kingdom.

Perlak kingdom ever existed in the year eight hundred and forty AD. The kingdom that once stood in the eastern part of Aceh. Of course, many people are curious about the kingdom of pearls. This kingdom, which turned out to have existed for a long time, experienced a very advanced heyday, this can be seen from the area where the Perlak kingdom lived.

The presence of merchant ships

Visitmurraycountyok – When the heyday of the Perlak kingdom began to fade, many people were worried and anxious. To protect its citizens and people, the Perlak kingdom joined the Samudra Pasai kingdom. In the story, the kingdom of Perlak stands in a very strategic place. There were many merchants who anchored in the plantation kingdom to keep the kingdom progressing and prospering.

Before the formation of the kingdom, it turned out that Perlak was a country that had a king. During the reign of the king, there were merchant ships carrying many people from different countries. Their goal is to spread Islam. Of course, the arrival of religious preachers is warmly welcomed.

Once led by 18 kings in Perlak

There are inscriptions and other evidence.//story

A welcome that also made the party hold a wedding for their daughter. A child was born in the marriage of a daughter to the captain of the caliph. The child who would become the first king of Perlak country and the first Islamic kingdom. A kingdom that continues to advance and thrive.

There have been many kings who led the kingdom of Perlak. There were 18 kings who led and developed the Perlak kingdom. Lots of stories make many people believe it or not. However, it turns out that the Perlak kingdom has several relics that can be examined by experts.

Starting from the discovery of currency, the king’s tomb, and stamps. And some letters were written on the grave. With this legacy, it can be proven that the kingdom never existed.