Fresh splash

Fresh splash novomatic

Fresh splash game that can provide many symbols of victory that are fresh and delicious. Lots of gamers are curious about the games presented by novomatic. Bright and fresh colors are the theme of the fresh splash game. The basic color of the game screen is yellow filled with lots of soda bubbles that decorate the screen.

There are 5 reels and 4 rows ready to play the game. There are 2 ways to enjoy the game from fresh splash, namely playing manual or automatic games. For those who are experts, of course, they will automatically choose the game. The game will play on its own and there is no need to press play again.

Set bet value

Visitmurraycountyok – Turnover in the game will also be fast and the value is immediately formed without having to wait long. The types of wins that gamers will get can reach 40 types of wins. With the highest score of 40,000. really very fun and fun no need to press the button just wait and get the score.

Playing manually is no less exciting than automatic games. The manual system will invite us to determine the value of the bet that gamers want to play.The symbol will award coins based on the bet amount. The higher the value used, the higher the coin value that gamers will get. Change the bet value by pressing plus or minus.

wild and info

The symbols that are present in the fresh splash game are: star, bell, number seven, fresh watermelon, grapefruit, cherry, plum, lemon, and wild. Each symbol will form a value of sat successfully uniting the same or more symbols. The number that can be obtained must be 3 or more.

fresh fruit//sweet

Wild symbol that can replace all symbols except scatter. Wild will help other symbols by using combinations or similar symbols to win. The star becomes a bright and bright scatter sign. The golden color will give gamers many chances to win. Stars will appear in any position and provide high scores for gamers.

No need to download

When you manage to get a full wild symbol on the screen, gamers will get a lot of winning points. There is a [ i] mark on the bottom screen. This proves that the Fresh Splash game also stores information about each game symbol. There will be an amount and value listed in the game.

To play the fresh splash game, gamers must prepare enough money to play it. Use real money to play novomatic fresh splash game. Want to play this game no need to download again. Just enough to play through the browser can make gamers play to their heart’s content.


Sometimes many gamers hope to get lots of opportunities to win the fresh splash game. Gamers can get this opportunity with some accurate tricks and can win a lot. In this fresh splash game, it does not give gamers the opportunity to taste free spins.

There are no free spins available and what is available is the value that gamers will get in each game symbol. With the explanation above, gamers can choose the type of game they want to play. Using automatic or manual play all gives a lot of fun to gamers. The fresh splash game does not provide jackpots and game bonuses. The game will automatically stop when the game credit value has run out. For manual games, you can stop for a moment adding the value of the bet so you can continue playing.