Cruel royal system

Cruel royal system

The cruel royal system actually existed in ancient times. Of all the royal systems, it turns out that China in ancient times had a cruel royal system. A country that has a long historical story was not spared from cruel words. The pre-Christian system of government was already using a monarchical regime.

Of all the leaders or emperors of China, it turns out that there were some who implemented a cruel system of government. It’s no wonder that people in ancient times could rebel in the era of the cruel emperor. Of course, there are lots of royal stories from the old Chinese era that make you curious.

Inhumane system

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Ming Dynasty

During the Chinese leadership, the Ming Dynasty was told to have a cruel government system. For nearly three hundred years the Ming dynasty ruled the country. Many did not expect that the King in the Ming Dynasty was cruel to anyone. Almost all workers feel constrained and not free. All work must be done continuously so that many workers are not able to.

A king who is not wise and does not accept criticism will give severe punishment to those who dare to oppose and criticize him. Not a few cruel punishments were imposed. There are many kinds of punishments that are so cruel that many people die.

the instigation of a cruel concubine//king ming

The Shang

During the Shang Dynasty, there were many kings who continued to change and lead China. Of all the efforts of the kings to improve the civilization of the people, it turns out that during the Shang Dynasty, there was also a cruel king. The king’s cruelty was not merely because of the king’s evil attitude. Crimes were committed as a result of the instigation of the emperor’s favorite concubine.

The concubine who had a grudge and didn’t like someone took advantage of the emperor’s power. This is why many people die with this type of punishment that doesn’t make sense. According to the story of the Shang Dynasty, the unforgivable crime was the act of the emperor’s concubine.


If you read the story of the kingdom in the Qing Dynasty, it will certainly make you angry and emotional. A kingdom that implements a very terrible legal system. The first king who had the nickname of the king of iron fists was not just a rumor. During its heyday, many people lost their lives.

Many do not know that philosophers who practice without permission from the king will receive severe punishment.