Powerful warlord

Powerful warlord

Strong warlords can be the signs and pillars that keep a kingdom strong. If you talk about great kingdoms, don’t forget to also reply to the warlords. A right-hand man capable of guarding and expanding his territory during the war. Not only strong, but the way of thinking to defeat the enemy is also very shrewd.

No wonder when in history lessons there is always the word warlord. Almost all commanders will be a powerful spear against the enemy. The ability to strategize, think fast, and be strong in dealing with all enemies succeeded in making all commanders go down in history. Each of their names will always be remembered by every generation of young people. Visitmurraycountyok

Many of you are curious about the names of warlords in the past.

  • Napoleon
  • Alexander III
  • Genghis khan
  • Ieyasu tokugawa
  • Yin sun sin
  • Gajah mada and others

Of all the names of the commanders, you can realize that the warlords in Indonesia are no less great than the other commanders. Many don’t know that actually everyone can become a warlord. This can be seen from the way they fight the enemy and their war tactics.

can beat the enemy with the right tactics//Napoleon

Can be fought by the brain

Such a formidable war tactic frightened many enemies and did not dare to approach. Even hearing his name, the enemy is sure to retreat, not daring to approach. A strong commando is able to lead troops against enemies. There were many who thought that the great and powerful warlord was lucky to have a large army.

But you don’t know that actually a great commander is not only from the number of soldiers but the strategy in dealing with the enemy. Not having a large number of troops did not make the general retreat. With the right tactics, all enemies can be defeated easily.

Bring home the win

Likewise with the story of king alexander the Great III. Those who have experienced difficulties because the number of soldiers they have is not much. Although little Alexander III managed to maintain his power and increase the territory quickly. The right strategy can bring home a lot of wins.