The strongest defense

The strongest defense

The strongest defense fortress that ever succeeded in protecting the king and the people. When talking about defense, you will remember going back to the royal system. During the kingdom era, there were many wars that took thousands of human lives. To prevent this bloodshed, during the royal era, a strong fortress was made to protect many people.

Not just waking up. Instead of deploying several soldiers to guard the fort. Building a strong and sturdy fort certainly requires a lot of time and effort. In the kingdom era, if an enemy managed to attack and seize the kingdom, the name of the kingdom would disappear.

Is lost

Visitmurraycountyok – As a result of the loss of the kingdom, many people ask? It is not surprising that some scientists accidentally discovered an old building that was used as a royal fortress. Now, for you adventurous lovers, of course, you can’t wait for the strongest type of fortress that has ever existed in the world.

This is the name of the fort:

The fortress was built in Israel. A fortress that was once used to capture a rebel. A fortress was once a struggle between the rebels and the Romans. The strong and sturdy fortress was destroyed and took many victims.

Gorgan fort

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One of the great forts whose origins are still unknown. The fortress, which is located in eastern Iran, extends from the Caspian Sea to Kopet Dog Mountain. Many researchers are still curious about the existence of Gorgan Castle. If you look at it from the length, it is one hundred and twenty-one miles long.


When discussing a fortress, Hadrian’s walls are also brought up to be discussed. Did you know that Hadrian’s Wall was built when King Hadrian was still in charge? A fortress that was built together was once a struggle. The purpose of the fort is to protect people from barbarian groups.


A defensive wall that could protect the people. At the time of the emperor Constantine, I moved the center of the city of Rome to the Little Harbor. So from this move, the emperor ordered his men to build a fort. The fort which was built during the time of the emperor was divided into two parts in the form of four rows. In Constantine’s fortress, there are also many towers with different heights.

Chinese wall

If you are on vacation in China, you will definitely not miss the Long Fort. One of the forts that were made long enough and took a lot of time. It took almost a thousand years for the new Chinese wall to be completed. The Chinese Wall has been through a lot of time with the leader constantly changing. Don’t be surprised when you see the shape of the Chinese wall which is of different sizes.