Kediri is one of the kingdoms that have Hindu culture. There is a lot of culture and diversity in Indonesia. You can study and observe various historical relics. If you want to know the history of the Kediri kingdom, you can visit East Java.

The area turned out to be the territory of the kingdom of Kediri. The kingdom was formed due to the division of the two regions. A king who doesn’t want a war to divide the two territories. The first area is named Kahuripan and the second area is named Kediri. The kingdom was built close to the Kawi river and mountains.


A kingdom that has existed for a long time. A kingdom that turned out to be unable to survive attacks from other kingdoms. Until the time when the Kingdom suffered a setback. There was a war with the Singasari kingdom led by Ken Arok. Of course, many experts are curious about the story of the kingdom of Kediri. Visitmurraycountyok

To be able to find out the story, it can be found in several inscriptions left by the kingdom of Kediri. There are several inscriptions that tell the genealogy of the king. In addition to the genealogy of the kings, it turns out that there are also several regional names that originally belonged to the Kediri kingdom but now belong to the Singasari kingdom.

Wise king

developed agriculture and trade//great kingdom

There is a Chinese chronicle that tells the history ofKediri. A chronicle that tells how the kingdom of Kediri traveled in its time. An empire that has a strong defense and advanced economic growth. The royal leaders were all wise kings who guarded and cared for their people.

The policies implemented are able to make people happy. Policies that have succeeded in advancing the welfare of the people ofKediri. Policies that free the people from taxes. Apart from being tax-free, it turns out that the Kingdom can also help develop agriculture.

Agricultural products that continue to grow make the kingdom continue to prosper. There are also activities such as buying and selling gold, silver, timber, and others in the Asian trading area. The results were numerous and abundant so the Kingdom of Kediri became victorious and prosperous.