Relics and history of the kingdom of Kutai

Relics and history of the kingdom of Kutai

The legacy and history of the Kutai kingdom are not only based on stories. there are many types of relics that you can study. With historical stories about the Kutai kingdom, you can easily find out how the Kutai kingdom was victorious during its founding of the Kutai kingdom.

The Kutai Kingdom is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. The kingdom also has several relics such as inscriptions or Yupa. There are several types of Yupa in the kingdom of Kutai. Every inscription found in the Kutai kingdom uses Sanskrit and Pallawa letters.

Each Yupa has several different functions. The function of the Yupa inscription:

  • Inscription
  • Pole for animal sacrifice ceremony
  • And the sign belongs to the king

Of course, it’s not just inscriptions and Yupa that you will find. According to some reports, the Kutai kingdom also has several other relics. To be able to see it, you can visit the museum which stores all historical objects from the Kutai kingdom. Visitmurraycountyok

Here are some relics from the Kutai kingdom, namely:

Uncal necklace
Necklace made of gold. Has a weight of one hundred and seventy grams. In each necklace, there is a carved pendant in the form of a Ramayana.

The helmet of the sultan of Kutai

One of the signs of someone who leads the people and becomes a ruler in the kingdom of Kutai. The helmet is the royal crown. A crown made of gold is quite heavy. The crown is now safely stored in the Jakarta National Museum.

Chiwa necklace

A necklace that is only often used by the king at the appointment of a new king.

Golden turtle
oldest empire//golden turtle

The golden tortoise is one of the royal relics that has its own unique story. Golden turtles are objects that are dedicated to the daughter of the Sultan of Kutai. A gift from the prince of the kingdom of china for the sultan princess.

Sultan’s sword
A treasured sword that has a tiger carving on the hilt. The shape of the sword is also different from the other swords, it has a solid gold texture on each sultan’s sword.

Yup inscription
To convince many people and to prove that the Kutai kingdom once existed, the Yupa inscription was used.

Kutai royal inscription
One of the legacies that have many stories and historical records of the running of the Kutai kingdom in its heyday.