Kingdom of Gelgel Bali

Kingdom of Gelgel Bali

Kingdom of Gelgel Bali, the kingdom that once ruled and grew up in Bali. If you have visited Bali, of course, you will find some relics and stories about Bali. As you know, in the ancient kingdom, the Islamic religion had begun to spread. Not only in one place but there are many places that have embraced Islam.

Almost all of the kingdoms that originally embraced Hinduism changed to embrace Islam. It’s just that in the Gelgel kingdom, they still adhere to Hinduism. Many people are still curious about the spread of religion. Almost all of you know that all kingdoms changed a lot and changed religions.

Two types of Bali

Visitmurraycountyok – But the great Gelgel kingdom still remained loyal to the Hindu religion. The Kingdom of Gelgel is the first Balinese kingdom. This great and magnificent kingdom has also experienced divisions so that there are many small kingdoms spread across the island of Bali. Even so, the power of the Gelgel kingdom was almost the same as that of Majapahit.

During its heyday, Balinese people were divided into two types, namely Balinese Hindu and Balinese Aga. Did you know that to be able to dominate the kingdom of Bali, the king had to conquer the small kingdoms in Bali? The first king who led the Gelgel kingdom was Dalem Ketut Ngelesir. Dalem KetutNngelesir is one of the descendants of Majapahit.

First time going to Bali

Not only one island is controlled by the Gelgel kingdom. There are two additional islands that were successfully controlled, namely: Sumbawa and Lombok. How strong and powerful was the kingdom of Gelgel in the seventeenth century? As time went by, the Gelgel kingdom experienced a decline since being defeated by the great god Jember.

the first time the religion of Islam entered Bali//Bali kingdom

Maybe many people don’t think that the island of Bali has ever begun to be penetrated by Islamic teachings. The religion that first entered the era of the Gelgel kingdom is still victorious and strong. Almost all of the island of Bali is controlled by the kingdom of Majapahit. To be able to control the people of Bali, the king of Majapahit sent someone to run the government system like in Majapahit.

Since then the king began to invite the kings to get to know the teachings of Islam. Of course, the king of Gelgel also invited Islamic teachings to go to the island of Bali. Live in Bali and spread the teachings of Islam.