The Kingdom of Nusa Tembini

The Kingdom of Nusa Tembini

The kingdom of Nusa Tembini is a kingdom located in the interior. Some people say that the Tembini kingdom is a demon kingdom. For almost decades, no one knew that the Nusa TembiniKingdom existed. However, it turns out that there is some direct evidence regarding the kingdom of Nusa Tembini.

Several inscriptions and several stories say that the kingdom of NusaTembini existed. A kingdom that turned out to have a relationship with the kingdom of Pajajaran. Of course, many do not believe in this relationship. But some inscriptions show the relationship between the kingdom of NusaTembini and theKingdom of Pajajaran.

Kingdom in the middle of the sea

Visitmurraycountyok – Who would have thought that the kingdom of NusaTembini was also considered the forerunner of the city of Cilacap? Some don’t think that the kingdom of Nusa Tembini is located south of Pasir Agung. A kingdom that stands in the middle of the sea. Not only that, the kingdom of NusaTembini was flanked by several river estuaries and the Indian Ocean.

The kingdom of NusaTembini was led by a beautiful queen. A leader who turns out to be beautiful besides being able to take care of the people and make the people comfortable. The defense system of the kingdom of Tembini is very strict. Build a fort with natural materials.


Border area

Who would have thought that in the wilderness there was a great kingdom? For the palace people who visited, they had to pass through swamps and wilderness. Swamps and wilderness were made into a border of the Tembini kingdom. Before the kingdom of Nusa Tembini moved south, it had been formed in the north.

A Prosperous empire begins to crumble due to the attack of an enemy. The enemy that controls the kingdom is unable to control the power in the sea so it becomes destroyed. The destruction of the NusaTembini kingdom made many people suffer. So the new leader, a princess who is now the queen of the Nusa Tembini kingdom, invited her people to move to the south. The kingdom that developed into the city of Cilacap.

5 Tourist Attractions IN Surabaya

5 Tourist Attractions IN Surabaya

Those who often travel or stop by Surabaya, you should not leave a trail that you never knew. Because in Surabaya there are various types of interesting places that you need to visit, even if it’s just a memory. But there’s nothing wrong with visiting to fill your spare time while in Surabaya.

Surabaya is the second metropolitan city in Indonesia, so for those of you who want to visit a big place other than Jakarta, you can go to Surabaya. Of course, as the second famous place in Indonesia, it is not news of the exact population density that only exists in Surabaya. But those of you who want to go to Surabaya as a traveler to enjoy all the beauty in Surabaya, are guaranteed not to lose. Because Surabaya will tantalize your eyes and your stomach.
Here are 5 tourist attractions in Surabaya that you should know

Japanese Flower

Visitmurraycountyok – Tourist attractions this time are like being abroad, because those of you who are there feel like you are in China. Of course, not only the scenery is beautiful, but there are also culinary delights that you need to try. If you visit this place tonight, you will be offered a variety of food. But if you visit in the morning it doesn’t matter because in the morning you will be given a different food menu.

Bamboo Forest and Keputih Harmony Park
In Surabaya there are also places like in Japan. Because there is a bamboo forest which is quite beautiful. Those of you who want to feel the beauty in the bamboo forest then you don’t need to hesitate to travel. For those of you who like to share the atmosphere of photos in this place, you don’t need to hesitate because this place is quite shady.

Ria Kenjeran Park Beach
Those who want to see the sunset of course this place is very promising. Because those of you who want to go to this place don’t need to doubt it. At Ria Kenjeran Beach there is a place like a pavilion which is very pleasant to stare at the beautiful beach in the afternoon. Although this place is paid but you only need to pay around the price of 25 thousand.

regional specialties available//interesting

People’s Amusement Park

This tourist spot is very attractive to children and adults. The rides provided at the public amusement park are roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, boom boom cars, trains. Those of you who want to enter the Takyat amusement park only have to pay an entrance ticket. And for each game ride you also have to pay back the price given.

Ciputra Waterpark Tourism
The city of Surabaya is not just a city, but Surabaya is like the city of Jakarta. Where this city is the second metropolitan city in Indonesia. No wonder the residents in Suarabaya are almost close to residents in the city of Jakarta. Apart from that, Surabaya is also famous for its tourist attractions, squares, parks and various types of tours. Ciputra waterpark tourist attractions will not make you bored, because there are lots of game facilities that will make you and your family very happy. Indeed, the ticket price for Ciputra Waterpark is not the usual price, but you don’t need to be confused because the price of the entrance ticket will make you very happy to be able to taste various games.