8 Types of Kingdoms in Indonesia

8 Types of Kingdoms in Indonesia

It is true that before Indonesia’s independence, many kingdoms were still leaders. Apart from that, each kingdom makes its people have different beliefs. The kingdom not only brought the influence of religion but also brought the influence of the trading system. Because the kingdoms in the archipelago are from India, China, and Arabia. It’s no wonder why many people are easy to get in and out of Indonesia, because of the strategic shipping place. For this reason, the main factor for traders to enter and flow. The following are 8 famous royal names in Indonesia to date. 8 Types of Kingdoms in Indonesia

Kutai Kingdom

Visitmurraycountyok – A kingdom that has been around for more than 400 AD. The Kutai Kingdom in Indonesia is located in East Kalimantan, which is the oldest Hindu kingdom. The name Kutai comes from an inscription found in the city of Kalimantan. Although actually, the inscription does not include the name of the previous Kutai. But there are 7 inscriptions, namely Yupa, which makes it history in Kutai. Because he had found the Yupa inscription, King Mulawarman did not hesitate to give 20 thousand cows to be given to the Brahmins. Because the Yupa inscription was made by Brahmans. The Kutai Kingdom, which has existed for a long time, finally had its heyday in 1735. For this reason, the Kutai Kingdom does not have a princely title but a sultanate.

Kalinga Kingdom

The kingdom of Kalinga has a Hindu style that stood in Jepara, Central Java in the 6th century AD. Until now, the Kalinga Kingdom is still unclear about its existence which is located in Jepara Regency. The historical source of the Kalinga kingdom comes from China which already existed in the 6th century AD. The Kalinga Kingdom is ruled by a queen named Shima. Queen Shima is famous by the name of Jhanabhadara and is the queen who has the rule to cut off the hand of a thief.

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Malay Kingdom

The Malay Kingdom had a standing time that was almost the same as the Srivijaya Kingdom. In 692 the Malay kingdom was ruled by the Srivijaya kingdom. The Malay kingdom is located on the island of Sumatra. The Malay kingdom is located on the island of Swarnadwipa or also known as Swarnabumi. The island, which is filled by immigrants, calls it the island of gold because it has a gold mine.

Hindu Mataram Kingdom

The Hindu Mataram Kingdom is located in Central Java, the capital city of Medang Kamulan. During the time of King Rakai, the kingdom of Mataram was divided into two, namely in Dieng and in the southern part of Central Java. But when led by King Pikatan, Mataram was reunited.

Sriwijaya Kingdom

The Sriwijaya Kingdom, which existed in the 7th century AD, was the strongest in Sumatra. Sriwijaya has a meaning where the word SRI is Light and the word Wijaya is Victory. No wonder because of its power in the 9th to 10th centuries, almost all of the Kingdoms in Southeast Asia were controlled by the Sriwijaya Kingdom. The remains of objects in the Srivijaya kingdom are the Talang Tuo Inscription, the Hill Position Inscription, the Kota Limestone Inscription, and the Talang Batu Inscription.

Pasai Ocean Kingdom

The kingdom founded by Sultan Malik Al Saleh in 1267 in Lhouksmawe Aceh is the Samudera Pasai Kingdom. The Kingdom of Samudera Pasai brought Islam into Indonesia. In his time sultan Malik Al Saleh managed to combine 2 cities into one, namely Samudera and Pasai.