Collapsed empire

Collapsed empire

Falling empires can be caused by many things. From lack of defense to defeat in wars can cause empires to fall. There are lots of factors that can make a kingdom so it can’t be rebuilt. There are several kingdoms that turned out to collapse due to civil war. A war that dragged some of the greatest empires in history. Collapsed empire

Surely you are curious about these collapsed kingdoms. Here are some names namely:


Visitmurraycountyok – A large and powerful empire can actually collapse and make many people suffer. A civil war became the cause of the kingdom being unable to defend itself. All the descendants of the kings in the Hayam Wuruk era began to fight and fight for the throne of the Majapahit kingdom. The war that took a long time made many soldiers die. After several years of civil war or what is called paragreg ended with the defeat of Panderan Wirabhumi. As a result of the war that took a long time, the kingdom could not rise and suffered destruction at the hands of the new king.


The kingdom was built by one of the children of the king of Majapahit. During the founding of the Demak kingdom, there were many people who spread the teachings of Islam in the Java area, including Demak. Demak was also the first kingdom to embrace Islam. For several years the kingdom’s peace and tranquility began to be disturbed because of the struggle for power and the throne. A civil war that took a long time.

consuming a lot of victims and natural resources//successful

This dispute occurred because the king who had been chosen was more focused on the spread of Islam. This made all the ministers and some small rulers in Demak begin to separate themselves from the kingdom of Demak. Seeing that the kingdom was starting to retreat, the Aryan prince stepped forward and tried to take over the kingdom. Hearing this caused a civil war that lasted quite a long time. The war ended when it managed to defeat the Aryan prince’s army.


During its heyday, the Banten kingdom succeeded in developing and improving the course of trade. Islamic empire that succeeded in spreading the religion of Islam to all the people of Banten. During its heyday, it turned out that the Banten kingdom also experienced difficult problems. There was a civil war between father and son in Banten. The occurrence of disputes made members of the VOC communists succeed in taking advantage of narrow opportunities. Making the king of Banten retreat and the kingdom becomes unstable.

The largest empire economy in the world

The largest empire economy in the world

The economy of the world’s largest empire managed to build and develop glory in the world. Not only good at fighting against the enemy, but it also turns out that there are several kingdoms whose economies are very good and stable. Who would have thought that royal people actually knew how to increase market prices?

The royal system in the past and today is very different. In the past, they were not able to progress based on many results. But most of them still use the agricultural system. This can give a lot of results that there were often land grabs in ancient times.

Royal names

Even so, there are several kingdoms that have managed to raise market selling prices and make all the people prosper. Surely you are curious about which kingdom has successfully developed. Here are some advanced kingdoms namely:


The kingdom turned out to have implemented a more advanced system. Changing farm people for the better. Its development seems slow but sure. Besides being able to change and give new revolutions, it turns out that Rome was also supported by greatness in war. Visitmurraycountyok – The water area has also been controlled by the Roman Empire. Many don’t think that in the era of the Roman Empire, they could also make payments using banknotes. In the trading system, the most important thing is being able to improve the people’s economy.


gives a luxurious impression//give results

The era of the Chinese empire that can be said to have succeeded in developing was the Song dynasty. The kingdom succeeded in producing a lot of agriculture. Of all the income that the country of China can make a civilization that looks so luxurious in the world. No wonder some experts say that China is ahead of England.


One of the kingdoms that have experienced the rise and fall of kingdoms in ancient times. Even though it often experiences many failures, many of you should know that the Indian Moghul Empire, which often contributes to the world economy. From several studies, it is stated that during the founding era of the Moghul Empire, the economy was still growing and its economic system continued to improve.

Powerful warlord

Powerful warlord

Strong warlords can be the signs and pillars that keep a kingdom strong. If you talk about great kingdoms, don’t forget to also reply to the warlords. A right-hand man capable of guarding and expanding his territory during the war. Not only strong, but the way of thinking to defeat the enemy is also very shrewd.

No wonder when in history lessons there is always the word warlord. Almost all commanders will be a powerful spear against the enemy. The ability to strategize, think fast, and be strong in dealing with all enemies succeeded in making all commanders go down in history. Each of their names will always be remembered by every generation of young people. Visitmurraycountyok

Many of you are curious about the names of warlords in the past.

  • Napoleon
  • Alexander III
  • Genghis khan
  • Ieyasu tokugawa
  • Yin sun sin
  • Gajah mada and others

Of all the names of the commanders, you can realize that the warlords in Indonesia are no less great than the other commanders. Many don’t know that actually everyone can become a warlord. This can be seen from the way they fight the enemy and their war tactics.

can beat the enemy with the right tactics//Napoleon

Can be fought by the brain

Such a formidable war tactic frightened many enemies and did not dare to approach. Even hearing his name, the enemy is sure to retreat, not daring to approach. A strong commando is able to lead troops against enemies. There were many who thought that the great and powerful warlord was lucky to have a large army.

But you don’t know that actually a great commander is not only from the number of soldiers but the strategy in dealing with the enemy. Not having a large number of troops did not make the general retreat. With the right tactics, all enemies can be defeated easily.

Bring home the win

Likewise with the story of king alexander the Great III. Those who have experienced difficulties because the number of soldiers they have is not much. Although little Alexander III managed to maintain his power and increase the territory quickly. The right strategy can bring home a lot of wins.

The War that Changed the World

The War that Changed the World

During the kingdom era, many people still lived with a harsh government system. To be able to survive, of course, you must have the ability to be hard and strong in dealing with all problems. War is the solution to all problems. But did you know that the war that changed the world became more different?

There are so many types of wars that have happened in all corners of the country. As a result of the war, there were some people who felt disadvantaged and there were many who gained a lot. Only a few people consider war to be a blessing but it also claims many lives.

Many joined

It’s no wonder that war is the reason many people want to live a long life in peace. Not a few wars have occurred. To be able to win, you need to fight hard to live. Some types of war that you can understand are: Visitmurraycountyok

For a hundred years

A war that continues to be passed on to children and grandchildren turns out to take quite a long time. There have been many kings who have continued to change and wage war without stopping. In addition to the king who kept changing, it turns out that during the war there were several countries that also joined. Many historical experts say that wars occurred because of power struggles, political systems, and much more.

kill a lot of people//past war


One of the wars that turned out to have triggered the struggle for the holy land. Successful wars affect the world and history. Who would have thought the crusade happened because of religious issues? Not a few people joined the fight. In the belief that if you join the war then all the sins in the soul will be erased too.

A war that turned out to take many victims. Who would have thought that around seven million people had died? Those who died were mostly ordinary citizens who could not fight. As a result of the fall of King Louis XVI, many countries joined in the wake. The Napoleonic wars also turned out to be successful in making several countries submit.

The woman who was once a king

The woman who was once a king

If you read some history, there are lots of stories of kings who succeeded in making their kingdoms victorious and growing rapidly. But did you know that ancient kingdoms were once led by women? Of course, it will be a question right? Which woman was once a king and from what kingdom?

Here are some names of women who have led the kingdom, namely:

Sultanah Nahrasiyah

Visitmurraycountyok – The first woman to become a leader in the country of Aceh. When talking about Aceh, you will remember the Samudra Pasai kingdom. A woman who led and replaced her father, King Malikussaleh. As long as he was led by Sultanah Nahrasiyah, there were many advanced developments of the kingdom, such as the development of the kingdom. Many things have been improved while being led by Sultanah Nahrasiyah such as women’s rights, trade, people’s welfare, and many more.

Dyah Tulodong

One of the women who led the kingdom of Mataram. A queen who turned out to have a great story. Succeeded in thwarting King Airlangga’s plan to dominate the Mataram kingdom. Even though we don’t know much about her story, Dyah Tulodong still has great services in protecting the kingdom from enemies.

leading and advancing the kingdom//strong leader

Sultana Safiatuddin

Sultanah Safiatuddin is a queen who leads the kingdom of Aceh. From what is known, the Aceh kingdom was led by a king named Sultan Iskandar Tsani. It’s just that the sultan Iskandar Tsani died so queen Sultanah Safiatuddin led the kingdom of Aceh. This could happen because the king and queen of Aceh at that time had no children. It’s not easy to get recognition from many people.

Even so, the queen managed to prove to many people that she had succeeded in developing the kingdom for the better. It’s not just making the kingdom grow. But also make the kingdom safe and not experience many wars. In her heyday, it turned out that the queen was also good at controlling the atmosphere when she was at war with the enemy. Managed to protect the kingdom from evil European invaders.

Fakta mengenai kerajaan Sriwijaya

Fakta mengenai kerajaan Sriwijaya

Fakta mengenai kerajaan Sriwijaya yang ternyata bisa kalian temukan. Ada beberapa argumen yang mengatakan kalau kerajaan sriwijaya hanya kerajaan karangan saja. Kerajaan yang hanya berkuasa di daerah indonesia saja. Tidak pernah berkuasa dan menyebarkan kebudayaan di negara lain. Hal tersebut tentu saja membuat banyak peneliti langsung turun tangan dan mencari tahu kebenaran tersebut.

Tidak sedikit penemuan yang terus mereka  lakukan. Beberapa ahli dari penelitian ternyata menemukan beberapa peninggalan kerajaan sriwijaya. Sebuah peninggalan yang ternyata bukan di satu tempat saja melainkan dari beberapa tempat terdapat benda peninggalan dari sriwijaya. Pastinya kalian penasaran bukan mengenai kerajaan sriwijaya.

Berikut beberapa fakta yang bisa kalian temukan

– Di temukannya sebuah prasati di kedukan bukit

Siapa yang sangka kerajaan yang diangap tidak ada ternyata memiliki peninggalan yang di temukan oleh warga asing. Di dalam penelusuran prasasti di kedukan bukit di temukan oleh seorang asing dari belanda di tahun 1920.  tapi tahukah kalian kalau penemu pertama prasasti tersebut adalah seorang peneliti dari negara prancins. Visitmurraycountyok

– Sebuah kisah

kerajaan yang menguasai lautan//tempat berdoa

Di dalam prasasti bukan di temukan sebuah tulisan kutukan. Melainkan sebuah kisah seseorang yang membangun kerajaan sriwijaya dari awal sampai jumlah penduduk yang dulu ikut bergabung membangun kerajaan sriwijaya. Banyak yang berpikir kalau tempat yang pernah di bangun oleh kerajaan sriwijaya merupakan tempat buat sembahyang. Ya tempat yang di bangun pertama kali merupakan tempat ritual untuk doa di hari waisak.

– Bahasa

Bahasa dan tulisan menggunakan huruf pallawa dan melayu. Seperti yang kalian ketahui kalau bahasa melayu merupakan bahasa umum yang sering di gunakan oleh masyarakat di jaman dulu. Berdasarkan dari peta kerajaan sriwijaya masih di daerah sumatera selatan dekat dengan selat malaka.

– Penguasa laut

Banyak yang tidak menyangka kalau sistem pertahanan yang di kuasai sriwijaya berhasil membuat musuh tunduk. Bukan hanya di daratan saja yang berhasil mereka menangkan. Di laut pun sriwijaya berhasil membuat para perompak bajak laut tunduk. Mereka tidak di hukum mati atau di tangkap melainkan para perompak atau bajak laut harus membayar upeti kepada kerajaan sriwijaya.

Putri cantik dari kerajaan sunda

Putri cantik dari kerajaan sunda

Bila membicarakan kehebatan tentu saja kalian akan jadi teringat dengan raja majapahit. Seorang raja yang hebat dan kuat memiliki wilayah yang luas. Kehebatan yang luar biasa mampu membuat banyak musuh ketakutan. Meski demikian ternyata di jaman kerajaan ada putri cantik dari kerajaan sunda yang menaklukan raja majapahit.

Seorang putri yang berparas cantik berhasil memikat hati raja majapahit. Dai kisahnya di tuliskan putri yang menaklukan raja adalah seorang putri sunda. Siapa yang tidak tertarik dan suka dengan putri sunda. Memiliki wajah yang cantik dan Anggun. Selain itu hampir Sebagian orang mengatakan kalau gadis sunda sangatlah cantik – cantik. Visitmurraycountyok

Terjadi Perang

Tentunya kalian jadi penasaran bukan. Putri mana yang berhasil membuat raja majapahit tergila – gila. Kecantikannya yang begitu mempesona membuat raja ingin memiliki dan sampai terjadi perang. Sebuah perang yang sampai kini terkenal dengan nama perang bubat. Tentunya kalian yang suka sejarah kerajaan jadi ingin mengali mengenai wanita mana yang telah berhasil memikat raja.

Berikut putri dari sunda yaitu:

  • Diah pitaloka citaremi
masih menjadi misteri//kisah putri cantik

Putri cantik yang berhasil memikat hati raja, di dalam kisahnya dituliskan kalau kecantikan diah pitaloka citaremi berhasil membuat raja majapahit terpikat dan mengajukan lamaran untuk mempersunting sang putri. Ada banyak sekali cerita simpang siur yang sampai kini belum di ketahui kebenaran mengenai kisah putri pitaloka. Meski demikian di dalam beberapa peninggalan kerajaan dituliskan kalau putri meninggal dunia karena bunuh diri.

  • Ajung larang

Salah satu putri sunda yang memiliki kecantikan yang sangat menawan. Banyak sekali para bangsawan yang tertarik dengan putri ajung larang. Di dalam kisah yang bertuliskan kalau putri ajung larang menyukai seorang bujangga manik. Bujangga manik seorang prabu yang menjadi resi hindu di kerajaan sunda. Banyak dari dari semua kisah yang ada ternyata kisah putri ajung larang tidak begitu diketahui banyak orang.

Meski demikian ada beberapa peninggalan yang menceritakan kalau putri ajung larang ternyata pernah mengalami penolakan oleh bujangga manik.

Kerajaan Champa

Kerajaan Champa

Kerajaan champa merupakan kerajaan yang berasal dari Vietnam. Salah satu kerajaan yang dulu terkenal akan kekuatan dan kekuasaannya. Ada beberapa cerita yang mengatakan kalau kerajaan ini di bangun bersama dengan kerajaan funan. Agama yang di anut oleh orang – orang champa merupakan muslim.

Sejak di bangun dan berdirinya champa kekuatannya terus bertambah dan berkembang. Tepatnya di masa kejayaannya kerajaan sudah bisa berhasil menguasai beberapa wilayah. Ada sebuah cerita yang mengatakan kalau kerajaan champa memiliki nama lain yaitu lin yi. Meski demikian tidak ada yang bisa membuktikan apakah kerajaan champa memang Bernama lin yi atau bukan.

Mulai mundur

Visitmurraycountyok – Di masa kejayaannya champa sebelumnya menganut agama budha. Tetapi sejak di serang dan dikalahkan banyak dari orang – orang yang berkedudukan tinggi menganti agama menjadi islam. Setelah sekian lama akhirnya di abad yang ke Sembilan belas kerajaan champa mengalami kemunduran atau runtuh.

Tahukah kalian kalau ternyata putri dari kerajaan champa ternyata menikah dengan prabu brawijaya V dari wilayah majapahit. Hal ini bisa menjadi pertanda awal mula islam mulai masuk ke dalam kerajaan majapahit. Putri yang juga menganut agama islam saat itu banyak mengundang para sebagian warga pindahan datang ke majapahit.

pernah berkuasa dan berjaya//berjaya

Pernikahan dua kerajaan

Pernikahan antar kerajaan menjadi hal yang paling ramai di bicarakan oleh orang banyak. Kerajaan yang mengadakan pesta besar untuk pernikahan putrinya. Sedangkan di majapahit sendiri juga sama mengadakan pesta pernikahan dengan meriah dan mewah. Tahukah kalian kalau di masa itu kerajaan majapahit masih menganut agama budha.

Seorang raja yang bersedia menikahi putri dari kerajaan pun mulai menganti agama menjadi islam. Mendengar keputusan raja tersebut tentu saja ada beberapa orang yang tidak setuju dengan keputusan raja. Banyak beberapa pendapat yang saling bertentangan tetapi tidak membuat acara pernikahan raja majapahit tertunda.

Perang terlama selama sejarah

Perang terlama selama sejarah

Perang terlama selama sejarah memakan banyak waktu dan perjalanan yang Panjang. Di jaman kerajaan ternyata bukan hanya hidup Makmur dan Berjaya saja. di kerajaan juga ada istilah perang yang berkepanjangan. Untuk bisa menguasai sebuah wilayah dan mempertahankan wilayah tentu akan melibatkan banyak orang.

Dari semua perang yang pernah ada ada beberapa perang yang bertahan cukup lama. Perang yang terpanjang sepanjang sejarah memakan banyak waktu untuk bertahan. Tentu kalian penasaran bukan mengenai perang yang memakan waktu yang lama. Berikut beberapa jenis perang yang telah di catat di sepanjang sejarah yaitu:

Perang romawi kuno dengan bangsa jermanik

Peang yang membawa dua suku saling bertarung dengan sengit. Banyak yang selalu bertanya – tanya mengenai peperangan yang terjadi di jaman dahulu. Romawi selalu memperlihatkan kemampuan dan kekuatan yang hebat dalam militer. Selama bertahun – tahun ternyata kekuatan yang mereka jaga mulai menurun membuat romawi kewalahan dalam menghadapi musuh. Peperangan terus berlangsung lama memakan waktu yang Panjang. Visitmurraycountyok

  • Melawan Persia

Romawi ternyata mengalami peperangan yang Panjang dengan Persia. Banyak yang mengatakan kalau perang romawi dengan Persia terjadi karena adanya perbedaan agama. Mungkin bagi mereka yang diluar sana hanya bisa memberi kesimpulan yang kecil. Tapi tahukah kalian kalau perang yang memakan banyak waktu ini di sebabkan karena adanya perebutan wilayah. Selama pertarungan berlangsung ternyata ada beberapa pasukan musuh yang menyerang dua kerajaan. Kondisi yang mulai Lelah membuat musuh mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mengalahakan dua kerajaan sekaligus.

Byzantium – Bulgaria

perebutan wilayah yang terus dilakukan//banyak yang terluka

Kerajaan yang baru mulai berdiri ingin mendapatkan wilayah yang lebih luas. Sang raja pun memulai peperangan dalam merebut wilayah. Kemenangan dalam mendapatkan wilayah tentu menjadi kesenangan para raja. Tapi pihak dari Bulgaria tidak akan menyangka kalau perang yang selalu mereka rencanakan bisa membuat mengalami kekalahan. Banyak para pasukan yang terluka dan Lelah tidak bisa melanjutkan perang lagi. kerajaan Bulgaria yang kuat menjadi jatuh dan di kuasi oleh kerajaan bizantium.

Banyak rakyat yang tertangkap dan di kurung dan harus menuruti semua peraturan yang ada. Tak terima dengan kekalahan Bulgaria melakukan pemberontakan dan berhasil membuat kerajaan bizantium mundur.

Cruel royal system

Cruel royal system

The cruel royal system actually existed in ancient times. Of all the royal systems, it turns out that China in ancient times had a cruel royal system. A country that has a long historical story was not spared from cruel words. The pre-Christian system of government was already using a monarchical regime.

Of all the leaders or emperors of China, it turns out that there were some who implemented a cruel system of government. It’s no wonder that people in ancient times could rebel in the era of the cruel emperor. Of course, there are lots of royal stories from the old Chinese era that make you curious.

Inhumane system

Here are some names of Chinese royal leaders who have a cruel royal system, namely: Visitmurraycountyok

Ming Dynasty

During the Chinese leadership, the Ming Dynasty was told to have a cruel government system. For nearly three hundred years the Ming dynasty ruled the country. Many did not expect that the King in the Ming Dynasty was cruel to anyone. Almost all workers feel constrained and not free. All work must be done continuously so that many workers are not able to.

A king who is not wise and does not accept criticism will give severe punishment to those who dare to oppose and criticize him. Not a few cruel punishments were imposed. There are many kinds of punishments that are so cruel that many people die.

the instigation of a cruel concubine//king ming

The Shang

During the Shang Dynasty, there were many kings who continued to change and lead China. Of all the efforts of the kings to improve the civilization of the people, it turns out that during the Shang Dynasty, there was also a cruel king. The king’s cruelty was not merely because of the king’s evil attitude. Crimes were committed as a result of the instigation of the emperor’s favorite concubine.

The concubine who had a grudge and didn’t like someone took advantage of the emperor’s power. This is why many people die with this type of punishment that doesn’t make sense. According to the story of the Shang Dynasty, the unforgivable crime was the act of the emperor’s concubine.


If you read the story of the kingdom in the Qing Dynasty, it will certainly make you angry and emotional. A kingdom that implements a very terrible legal system. The first king who had the nickname of the king of iron fists was not just a rumor. During its heyday, many people lost their lives.

Many do not know that philosophers who practice without permission from the king will receive severe punishment.