The strongest defense

The strongest defense

The strongest defense fortress that ever succeeded in protecting the king and the people. When talking about defense, you will remember going back to the royal system. During the kingdom era, there were many wars that took thousands of human lives. To prevent this bloodshed, during the royal era, a strong fortress was made to protect many people.

Not just waking up. Instead of deploying several soldiers to guard the fort. Building a strong and sturdy fort certainly requires a lot of time and effort. In the kingdom era, if an enemy managed to attack and seize the kingdom, the name of the kingdom would disappear.

Is lost

Visitmurraycountyok – As a result of the loss of the kingdom, many people ask? It is not surprising that some scientists accidentally discovered an old building that was used as a royal fortress. Now, for you adventurous lovers, of course, you can’t wait for the strongest type of fortress that has ever existed in the world.

This is the name of the fort:

The fortress was built in Israel. A fortress that was once used to capture a rebel. A fortress was once a struggle between the rebels and the Romans. The strong and sturdy fortress was destroyed and took many victims.

Gorgan fort

expanded manufacture//gorgan fort

One of the great forts whose origins are still unknown. The fortress, which is located in eastern Iran, extends from the Caspian Sea to Kopet Dog Mountain. Many researchers are still curious about the existence of Gorgan Castle. If you look at it from the length, it is one hundred and twenty-one miles long.


When discussing a fortress, Hadrian’s walls are also brought up to be discussed. Did you know that Hadrian’s Wall was built when King Hadrian was still in charge? A fortress that was built together was once a struggle. The purpose of the fort is to protect people from barbarian groups.


A defensive wall that could protect the people. At the time of the emperor Constantine, I moved the center of the city of Rome to the Little Harbor. So from this move, the emperor ordered his men to build a fort. The fort which was built during the time of the emperor was divided into two parts in the form of four rows. In Constantine’s fortress, there are also many towers with different heights.

Chinese wall

If you are on vacation in China, you will definitely not miss the Long Fort. One of the forts that were made long enough and took a lot of time. It took almost a thousand years for the new Chinese wall to be completed. The Chinese Wall has been through a lot of time with the leader constantly changing. Don’t be surprised when you see the shape of the Chinese wall which is of different sizes.

Majunya Kerajaan Majapahit

Majunya Kerajaan Majapahit

Majunya kerajaan majapahit di masa jayanya. Bila membicarakan majapahit maka kita akan mengingat Kembali akan sebuah pelajaran sejarah. Di dalam sejarah di katakan kalau majapahit adalah kerajaan yang kuat dan memiliki banyak kekuasan yang besar. Sebuah kerajaan yang berbeda dari kerajaan lainnya yang ada di seluruh pelosok negeri.

Kerajaan yang mampu mengembangkan dan memajukan kesejahteraan rakyat. Kehebatannya majapahit mampu mengajak Kerjasama dengan kerajaan – kerajaan lain. Mungkin dari kalian yang membaca tidak akan percaya kalau majapahit bisa melakukan Kerjasama dengan kerajaan lain. Tidak heran kalau para rakyat yang pernah hidup di masa majapahit bisa pergi ke berbagai tempat .

Kisah Hebat

Visitmurraycountyok – Siapa yang tidak menyangka kalau wilayah yang di kuasai kerajaan majapahit semakin besar dan luas. Bukan wilayah kecil dengan penduduk yang sedikit. Melainkan ada banyak sekali wilayah yang di miliki majapahit dengan luas tanah yang sudah tidak bisa di hitung lagi. kerajaan majapahit pun di jadikan sebuah kisah hebat di salah satu kitap peninggalan kerajaan.

Bagi kalian yang penasaran dengan kerajaan majapahit bisa dengan mencari tahu di kitap yang membahas kerajaan majapahit. Bukan hanya di wilayah jawa timur saja yang di kuasai oleh kerajaan majapahit. Ada beberapa wilayah lain yang kerajaan kuasai di daerah singapura, Malaysia, dan brunei.

Bekerja Sama

memperluas wilayah//indah

Dari ke tiga wilayah tersebut pernah di kuasai oleh kerajaan majapahit yang hebat. Meski kerajaan berhasil menguasai wilayah luar. Tetap saja mengembangkan kekuasaan dan kejayaan rakyat di wilayahnya sendiri. Banyak sekali daerah luas yang majapahit kuasai. Mendengar kehebatan majapahit membuat beberapa negara lain ikut bergabung dan berkerjasama.

Kerajaan yang sangat menjunjung martabat kerajaan dan bangsa. Sehingga banyak sekali beberapa wilayah di jawa timur ikut berkembang sejak di ambil wilayahnya oleh kerajaan majapahit. Berjayaan kerajaan membuat banyak rakyat jadi Makmur dan terus berkembang menjadi kerajaan yang besar. Hal tersebut membuat beberapa wilayah dari jawa timur mulai maju dan mempunyai potensi dalam berkembang dengan lebih baik.

The most luxurious kingdom in the world

The most luxurious kingdom in the world

The world’s most luxurious empire has many types of unique and expensive buildings. There are several kingdoms that have very extraordinarily luxurious buildings. The royal arrangement succeeded in making many people amazed. The kingdom, which has existed for a long time, is still standing today. The most luxurious kingdom in the world

Of course, those of you who live today will feel amazed and disbelieving in the beauty of the ancient kingdom. The buildings that are still standing strong have very harmonious color combinations. Seeing the shape of the kingdom that is so beautiful and stunning makes many people often come to visit.


Maybe those of you who have never seen it will be curious right? There are some people who say that a beautiful and stunning kingdom has the appearance of a kingdom in the Disneyland cartoon world. It’s not just a picture, it turns out that in parts of the world, there are already the same royal buildings.

Here are some luxurious kingdoms, namely:

Bangkok – Visitmurraycountyok
The country of white elephants has a very magnificent palace shape. A kingdom that still survived in the 20th century. This beautiful and magnificent Thai kingdom existed in the 18th century and has survived until now in the 20th century.


The Russian state has a palace that is so magnificent and luxurious. Many residents give the name palace the nickname Russian cold palace. The contents of this Russian building gave many unexpected surprises.

In Japan, there are beautiful and beautiful royal buildings. Until now, the building is still maintained and well cared for by Japanese residents. A palace that was once known as Edo Castle has several beautiful sights such as large rocks, flowers, rivers, moats, and trees. The sight is so beautiful and stunning.

The kingdom is so big and luxurious. One of the most visited tourist attractions by many people and the most popular among tourists. the arrangement of buildings and cities that are so beautiful makes people endlessly amazed.

The kingdom that stands on this mountain has the name of the national palace of Pena in the Sintra area, a palace surrounded by many shady and beautiful trees.

structure that is still solid//portugal

The powerful army of the royal era

The powerful army of the royal era

The powerful army of the royal era succeeded in bringing many victories and expanding power. The strength they get from hard training and upbringing has been done since childhood. Ancient troops may be different from modern troops. When modern times are familiar with sophisticated and powerful weapons.

Troops from the royal era began to strengthen their strength in terms of sword skills and also strategies to defeat the enemy. Prepare a great tactic so that it can overthrow thousands of enemies. Great troops that succeeded in overthrowing the enemy in the kingdom era, namely:


This strong and tough warrior can wield a sword to kill enemies. Troops also often kidnap people – people to facilitate the work system that defeats the enemy. The Hashashin warriors are better known for fighting over the Alamut fortress. Warriors formed from the schism of Shia Ismail. Visitmurraycountyok

Maybe many don’t know that the fortress that was captured by the Hashashins has a fairly large area. So it takes quite a long time to be able to seize the Alamut fortress.


One of the strongest warriors came from the Aztec tribe from the territory of the United States. The weapon they use to defeat the enemy is a sharp stone weapon with serrated edges around it. The jaguar warrior costume uses clothes patterned with jaguar fur. Did you know that jaguar warriors never stop fighting? They continue to fight not to seize power but to find victims to be sacrificed to the gods. All young men in the Aztec region who turned seventeen years of age would be trained to become warriors.

fighting squad//aztec army

Do some tough and strengthening exercises. For youths who want to be considered adults, they must be able to catch victims. If they manage to get a victim, they are immediately accepted as warriors by the jaguar. To be great like them anyone can join as long as they can get victims. The jaguar warrior has a strong combat power. Only in the combat equipment, they are still less sophisticated.

Strong troops in the royal era

Strong troops in the royal era

The strong troops in the royal era proved that all troops were trained soldiers. When compared with modern troops, of course, it will be different from soldiers in the royal era. Strong troops as hard as steel were able to beat back the enemy troops.

Great troops formed with a strong fighting spirit. This is what makes several kingdoms that have great armies always win and continue to win wars. Of course, aren’t you curious about which troops have won the war?

The following are the names of the troops:


Great and strong troops from the era of the Persian empire. Troops that have powerful and great warships. His strong prowess made the immortals’ army succeed in advancing and expanding his power to the European region. Many say that the Immortals army is known as the immortal army. Visitmurraycountyok
The troops that departed numbered ten thousand and returned in one piece. Troops that have been trained and taught since childhood succeeded in making a deadly attack formation. The army is strong and only every king to death.

strong and conquer the enemy//immortal warrior

Hospitaller Army

Soldiers who took part in the crusade I. Soldiers who have many high and strong abilities have a lot of courage in fighting the enemy. The appearance of Hospitaller soldiers is wearing black robes with silver hat in the shape of a cross.

Varangian knight

Great and Tough knights. In the era of the Byzantine empire managed to form strong and great knights. The knight who managed to carve his great name in the Mediterranean region. Of course, to have a great army, you have to get approval from the king. King Basil gains six thousand Varangians. Of course, this surrender is not easy—the king handed over strong knights to basil as a sign of military assistance. In the era of the Roman Empire, the Varangian knights became a strong and powerful army. Until the knights started, some of them didn’t fight anymore due to the existence of a kingdom that started to decline and didn’t develop.



Kediri is one of the kingdoms that have Hindu culture. There is a lot of culture and diversity in Indonesia. You can study and observe various historical relics. If you want to know the history of the Kediri kingdom, you can visit East Java.

The area turned out to be the territory of the kingdom of Kediri. The kingdom was formed due to the division of the two regions. A king who doesn’t want a war to divide the two territories. The first area is named Kahuripan and the second area is named Kediri. The kingdom was built close to the Kawi river and mountains.


A kingdom that has existed for a long time. A kingdom that turned out to be unable to survive attacks from other kingdoms. Until the time when the Kingdom suffered a setback. There was a war with the Singasari kingdom led by Ken Arok. Of course, many experts are curious about the story of the kingdom of Kediri. Visitmurraycountyok

To be able to find out the story, it can be found in several inscriptions left by the kingdom of Kediri. There are several inscriptions that tell the genealogy of the king. In addition to the genealogy of the kings, it turns out that there are also several regional names that originally belonged to the Kediri kingdom but now belong to the Singasari kingdom.

Wise king

developed agriculture and trade//great kingdom

There is a Chinese chronicle that tells the history ofKediri. A chronicle that tells how the kingdom of Kediri traveled in its time. An empire that has a strong defense and advanced economic growth. The royal leaders were all wise kings who guarded and cared for their people.

The policies implemented are able to make people happy. Policies that have succeeded in advancing the welfare of the people ofKediri. Policies that free the people from taxes. Apart from being tax-free, it turns out that the Kingdom can also help develop agriculture.

Agricultural products that continue to grow make the kingdom continue to prosper. There are also activities such as buying and selling gold, silver, timber, and others in the Asian trading area. The results were numerous and abundant so the Kingdom of Kediri became victorious and prosperous.

Kerajaan Bercorak Islam di Indonesia

Kerajaan Bercorak Islam di Indonesia

Kerajaan bercorak islam di Indonesia lumayan banyak. Agama islam yang telah beredar di seluruh masyarakat pada jaman kerajaan. Hampir dari seluruh Indonesia mayoritas agama yang paling banyak ada di agama islam. Mungkin banyak yang penasaran kenapa agama islam bisa di terapkan di seluruh Indonesia.

Tahukah kalian kalau jaman dahulu Indonesia masih memiliki yang Namanya kerajaan. Kerajaan yang berdiri bukan hanya satu kerajaan melainkan ada banyak jenis kerajaan yang tersedia di seluruh Indonesia. Hal tersebutlah menjadi alasan kenapa agama islam beredar di seluruh Indonesia. Bagi kalian yang suka mempelajari sejarah tentu sudah tahu kerajaan mana saja yang memiliki corak Islam.

Bagi kalian yang penasaran bisa mulai mempelajari buku sejarah mengenai agama islam:

  • Samudra pasai

Dari nama – nama kerajaan tersebut ada kerajaan yang pertama kali memulai mempelajari agama Islam yaitu negara Samudra pasai. Tentu banyak yang tidak percaya bukan kalau kerajaan Samudra pasai menjadi kerajaan Islam. Hal ini terbukti dari beberapa benda peninggalan dari kerajaan Samudra pasai seperti : tulisan nisan pada makam sultan Malik As-Saleh. Visitmurraycountyok

  • Aceh

Aceh memiliki tempat yang strategis dan sering menjadi tempat perdagangan internasional. Karena letaknya mudah di jangkau membuat kerajaan aceh jadi berkembang dengan pesat. Kerajaan yang memiliki penghasil lada yang baik mampu meningkatkan kejayaan kerajaan Aceh.

memasuki indonesia dari jalur perdagangan//berjaya
  • Malaka

Salah satu kerajaan yang juga di sebut sebagai kerajaan pertama yang bercorak islam. Kerajaan yang memulai berdiri saat agama Islam sudah mulai berkembang. Malaka di masa kejayaannya berhasil memjadi pusat perdagangan. Banyak yang belajar dan sambil mengenalkan agama Islam pada jaman kerajaan Malaka.

  • Mataram

Bila berbicara kerajaan Mataram maka kalian bisa berkunjung ke Yogyakarta. Di dalam kisahnya ternyata kesultanan Yogyakarta dan Surakarta merupakan adalah satu kerajaan. Kerajaan yang mulai terbagi menjadi dua akibat adanya perjanjian giyanti.

  • Demak

Kerajaan yang berdiri di daerah jawa tengah. Demak menjadi kerajaan pertama yang bercorak agama Islam di jawa. Kejayaan yang di dapat dari hasil Kerjasama dengan para penghuni pantai utara.