KHMER Empire

KHMER Empire

The KHMER empire is the largest empire in Asia. To be able to visit and see the KHMER empire, you can come to Cambodia. The kingdom that once ruled 3 great countries namely Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. In the story, the KHMER kingdom was founded by a prince who once lived in Central Java.

A prince who became king named Jayavarman II. Prince establishes cooperation with the kingdom of Java. The capital of the KHMER Kingdom was Angkor. The religions adopted by the KHMER kingdom are Shiva Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. The most memorable thing in the KHMER empire is the capital of the KHMER empire.

Examine relics

Visitmurraycountyok – A very magnificent building as a sign of the glory of the KHMER empire. Apart from showing glory and power, you can also see signs of a belief that existed in the KHMER empire. Various types of beliefs exist in the core forms of Angkor buildings. The KHMER Kingdom had experienced defeat and was conquered by the Thai state.

If you are a researcher of ancient relics, of course, you will not stop at the history of the KHMER kingdom. There are many things that you can find from his story and some relics from the KHMER empire. Much is still unknown about the KHMER empire. Some archaeologists describe the KHMER kingdom through several relics which contain several writings. Writing is written in various letters such as Japanese, Birman, Sanskrit, and many more.

a kingdom that leaves a history//KHMER

Appointed the king of the universe

If you look at the writings of historical heritage, the king from the KHMER kingdom proposed to a princess from the city of Angkor. After getting the king’s daughter invited him to go to the island of Java. It didn’t take long for the existence of King Jayavarman II who lived in Java to finally return to Cambodia to establish the KHMER kingdom.

Based on the people’s belief that the king of the KHMER kingdom was an incarnation of a god. This is what makes some people perform sacred ceremonies on the sacred mountain Mahendrapartawa. The Phnom Kulen area was once the sacred ritual site of the KHMER king. In this ceremony the ritual carried out was to appoint King Jayawrman as the ruler of the universe.

Forgotten kingdom

Forgotten kingdom

The forgotten kingdom certainly makes many people wonder about a kingdom that no longer exists. It’s not just disappearing and being invisible. It’s just that it’s rare for anyone to mention the name of the kingdom. a kingdom that was once victorious and in power in its time.

As a historical writer, of course, he does not experience difficulties in historical stories. Some people who don’t understand history only believe based on books and also the words of other people. No one will ever know that in fact there were several kingdoms that once ruled and lost their names.

Search History

Visitmurraycountyok – There are many types of royal history that you can find in history books. Maybe there are several kingdoms whose names are not listed so many people do not know about these kingdoms. For you historians, don’t give up. You can ask some of the research people.

Here are the royal names


A kingdom that has existed for quite a long time 300 years. A kingdom that gives freedom to its people in choosing the religion they believe in themselves. When you hear the news, of course, it is clear that people live happily and prosperously. It’s just that the peace ended in the hands of the king’s son-in-law. Trying to take down the enemy with a plan that was made but ended up stabbing the plan maker. This made many of the descendants of the Vijayanagar kingdom hide and build small kingdoms. The unkempt kingdom of Vijayanagar became the abode of rebels and thieves. And some wild animals like tigers.

successful and ever powerful//Majapahit

Majapahit is a kingdom that was once powerful and victorious in its time. The period when they once ruled over the sea lanes. Not only that, under Gajah Mada’s leadership, ordinary people got promoted when they succeeded in helping restore the power of King Jayanegara.

Qara – Khitai
Kingdom located in Central Asia. A kingdom formed from circumcised people. Passing through some dry and barren places. Until they reached the Balasagun place. A place that has many Islamic teachings. However, the legacy of circumcision also managed to enter into the civilization of the people there. So that they can coexist. But who would have thought that the Qara-Khitai empire had to end because of a man named Kuchlug? A Nestorian Christian who was appointed son-in-law and became king of the Qara kingdom. Dissatisfied with what he achieved, he made raids on several Islamic empires. As a result, the people were angry and supported the invasion of the enemy.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Arab country located in western Asia. The country of Saudi Arabia is the fifth largest country in Asia and the largest country is in second place. The country of Saudi Arabia is a country that has 2 coasts such as the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, but most of the territory of Saudi Arabia is desert. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a monarchy country that has Islamic Syari’ah guidelines. Of course, the official language in Saudi Arabia is Arabic. Saudi Arabia is a country that produces and exports oil. It is not surprising that Saudi Arabia is categorized as the second largest country in the world with oil reserves and is ranked 6th with gas reserves.

First King of Saudi Arabia

Visitmurraycountyok – The first king of Saudi Arabia was Ibn Saud on September 22, 1932. From the beginning of its establishment until now, he is from a Saudi family. If you count the kings in Saudi Arabia, they have changed, with a total of 7 people until 2022. The following is a list of names of kings in Saudi Arabia

speak arabic//arabic country
  • Ibn Saud
  • Saud
  • Faisal
  • Khalid
  • Fahad
  • King Salman.

Being a king is of course not easy because there are many people who must be cared for. Apart from that, the monarchy system must be maintained.

List of Royal Names in the World

List of Royal Names in the World

A kingdom is a form of government system led by a king or commonly called a Monarchy. The Kingdom system has actually been around for a long time, but only a few countries still use this system. Although there are several countries that use the royal system, what only some people know is England. List of Royal Names in the World

The government system of the Kingdom was formed based on the orders of the king or the highest leadership. Of course, this system will last a lifetime. For this reason, the kings developed a tough task even though they were accompanied by various ministers beside them. Visitmurraycountyok

The following are countries that still hold empires other than England

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dutch kingdom

Tonga Kingdom
Kingdom of Lesotho
Kingdom of Cambodia
Vatican Kingdom
Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of Thailand
Principality of Liechtenstein
Principality of Monaco
Kingdom of Qatar
Kingdom of Luxembourg
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Denmark Kingdom
Kingdom of Morocco
Kingdom of Bahrain
Kingdom of Jordan
Kingdom of Bhutan
Sultanate of Oman
Kingdom of Norway
Kingdom of Belgium
Empire of Japan
Kingdom of Brunei
Kingdom of Malaysia

many kinds of kingdoms//Crown King

Each kingdom has a different government system, and for that, you who come to any country follow the existing rules. The history of each kingdom is not a public secret, so many already know the history of each kingdom.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Kingdom System

The royal system which is only led by one person during his life certainly has advantages and disadvantages.
Here are the advantages

  • The decision is certain
  • A more stable form of government
  • Uphold the value of social justice

The drawback is

  • There is no freedom of opinion
  • Corruption
  • Capable of being ruthless

8 Types of Kingdoms in Indonesia

8 Types of Kingdoms in Indonesia

It is true that before Indonesia’s independence, many kingdoms were still leaders. Apart from that, each kingdom makes its people have different beliefs. The kingdom not only brought the influence of religion but also brought the influence of the trading system. Because the kingdoms in the archipelago are from India, China, and Arabia. It’s no wonder why many people are easy to get in and out of Indonesia, because of the strategic shipping place. For this reason, the main factor for traders to enter and flow. The following are 8 famous royal names in Indonesia to date. 8 Types of Kingdoms in Indonesia

Kutai Kingdom

Visitmurraycountyok – A kingdom that has been around for more than 400 AD. The Kutai Kingdom in Indonesia is located in East Kalimantan, which is the oldest Hindu kingdom. The name Kutai comes from an inscription found in the city of Kalimantan. Although actually, the inscription does not include the name of the previous Kutai. But there are 7 inscriptions, namely Yupa, which makes it history in Kutai. Because he had found the Yupa inscription, King Mulawarman did not hesitate to give 20 thousand cows to be given to the Brahmins. Because the Yupa inscription was made by Brahmans. The Kutai Kingdom, which has existed for a long time, finally had its heyday in 1735. For this reason, the Kutai Kingdom does not have a princely title but a sultanate.

Kalinga Kingdom

The kingdom of Kalinga has a Hindu style that stood in Jepara, Central Java in the 6th century AD. Until now, the Kalinga Kingdom is still unclear about its existence which is located in Jepara Regency. The historical source of the Kalinga kingdom comes from China which already existed in the 6th century AD. The Kalinga Kingdom is ruled by a queen named Shima. Queen Shima is famous by the name of Jhanabhadara and is the queen who has the rule to cut off the hand of a thief.

the once victorious kingdom//kingdom
Malay Kingdom

The Malay Kingdom had a standing time that was almost the same as the Srivijaya Kingdom. In 692 the Malay kingdom was ruled by the Srivijaya kingdom. The Malay kingdom is located on the island of Sumatra. The Malay kingdom is located on the island of Swarnadwipa or also known as Swarnabumi. The island, which is filled by immigrants, calls it the island of gold because it has a gold mine.

Hindu Mataram Kingdom

The Hindu Mataram Kingdom is located in Central Java, the capital city of Medang Kamulan. During the time of King Rakai, the kingdom of Mataram was divided into two, namely in Dieng and in the southern part of Central Java. But when led by King Pikatan, Mataram was reunited.

Sriwijaya Kingdom

The Sriwijaya Kingdom, which existed in the 7th century AD, was the strongest in Sumatra. Sriwijaya has a meaning where the word SRI is Light and the word Wijaya is Victory. No wonder because of its power in the 9th to 10th centuries, almost all of the Kingdoms in Southeast Asia were controlled by the Sriwijaya Kingdom. The remains of objects in the Srivijaya kingdom are the Talang Tuo Inscription, the Hill Position Inscription, the Kota Limestone Inscription, and the Talang Batu Inscription.

Pasai Ocean Kingdom

The kingdom founded by Sultan Malik Al Saleh in 1267 in Lhouksmawe Aceh is the Samudera Pasai Kingdom. The Kingdom of Samudera Pasai brought Islam into Indonesia. In his time sultan Malik Al Saleh managed to combine 2 cities into one, namely Samudera and Pasai.

The fortress of the era of the Indonesian kingdom.

The fortress of the era of the Indonesian kingdom.

The fortress of the royal era turned out to have existed before the arrival of foreigners in Indonesia. The fort made of stone with earth bears witness to the hard work to protect all the people. Therefore, forts made from nature are better known as natural forts. The fortress of the era of the Indonesian kingdom.

based on the story of a natural fortress that existed before the foreigners were actually built when it was still in the Majapahit kingdom era. At first, a king’s trust made a fort to protect the people from enemies. It’s just that the completed construction of the fort must see bloodshed.

Beginning of the story

Visitmurraycountyok – It is said that the bloodshed could occur because the king had been lied to by his men. Says that his trusted person is trying to betray him by gathering troops and will put up a fight. At first, the king did not believe the words of his men.

The king went to see and almost all the words of his men were true. Seeing this the king was angry and began to seize the fort from his confidant. An unexpected tragedy was a fort built to protect the people and the king was thought to want to fight the king.

use from nature//fortress

Fort name

Seeing the making of the fort, it can be said that the era of the kingdom was also progressing. Although by using soil and stone the fort managed to protect many people. In addition to natural forts, Indonesia also has several forts inherited from invaders and foreigners.

It can be seen that every place and area has a heritage fort during the world war. The fort was built with sophisticated materials. Of course, you are curious about what forts are in Indonesia. The following are the names of the forts that existed in the era of the Indonesian kingdom, namely:
Indra Pratama fort from aceh
Liya Togo – Southeast Sulawesi
Fort Rotterdam comes from South Sulawesi
Young Iskandar – Aceh and many more
Maybe many do not think that the forts that are scattered in Indonesia are actually the work of the ancient kingdom.

The names of the kingdoms in the world

The names of the kingdoms in the world

Hello friends, does anyone know if it turns out that in this world there are still several countries that have a royal government system? Where all decisions and making laws will be carried out by the king. A country led by a kingdom was not left behind in ancient times. Because they also follow the changes and developments. There are several names of kingdoms in the world that may be familiar to our ears.

Perhaps many do not know about the form in each country. It is not only governmental but also monarchical. Curious about the term monarchy? Monarchy is a term for a country ruled by a king, queen, or emperor. Not all countries use a monarchy system. Because there are some who have kings but cannot make decisions directly.

This makes the monarchy divided into 3 types, namely:

Visitmurraycountyok – Absolute monarchy
Constitutional monarchy
And semi constitutional
With these 3 types, several countries determine a system of government that can help the survival of the people. Each division of the monarchy also has a different way and meaning of leading the country.

Absolute monarchy

An absolute monarchy is ruled by a king, queen, and emperor. Every decision and making law can only be authorized by the king, queen, or emperor. Have full power and lead the country.

royal system//kingdom

Constitutional and semi-constitutional monarchy

Both systems have the same leading characteristics. Despite being a royal system, the king can only be the coconut of the country. It is the prime minister who determines the decision. The Prime Minister is not just appointed by the king. But the people who determine who deserves to be prime minister? After determining the prime minister then the king ratified it.

Of course, many from every country use the people’s voice as a voice that helps determine good and right leaders. For a king will continue to have a very long reign. In contrast to the prime minister who has a short period of time.

Many systems are constantly evolving, making the world change too. All these changes do not make all countries silent. Even though it is royal, it is still able to keep up with world trends. The only difference is the leadership of each country. Of course, many do not know that the system of governing a country is not the same.

All require a different and lengthy process. Different systems have the same meaning. Protect the people and prosper the people. Of course, many are curious about which countries still use the royal system. The royal system is divided into 3 with the government system being led also differently.

The following is a list of the names of the royal countries, namely:

Absolute monarchy
Brunei Darussalam
Saudi Arabia

Constitutional and semi-constitutional monarchy
Papua New Guinea and many more

Now from the names, of course, you are no longer confused about which countries still have kingdoms. Although there are several countries whose government systems are different. But it certainly makes us know that the government still trusts the king and the people.