Hindu style kingdom

Hindu style kingdom

We can find Hindu-style kingdoms in Indonesia. Indonesia has various types of culture and one of them is Hindu culture. One of the religions was brought by the Indians and developed in several places in the archipelago. No wonder when visiting a tourist spot we find several types of carvings that contain Hindu elements. Hindu style kingdom

The development is so rapid that several regions have a history of Hinduism. Indonesian territory is a strategic area for trade. This makes many traders stop and stay in Indonesia. There are several kingdoms that still have a history of Hindu culture.

Those kingdoms are

Kutai Kingdom – Visitmurraycountyok
The Kutai kingdom is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. To be able to see the Kutai kingdom, we have to prepare a fee to go to East Kalimantan. The kingdom of Kutai found several types of Hindu cultural heritage. When walking in the kingdom of Kutai we will find an inscription that resembles a Yupa. Inside the Yupa there are 7 stones inscribed with Sanskrit letters. Sanskrit letters are letters from India.


The kingdom that stands in the Bogor area has 7 unique inscriptions. The seven inscriptions have different names. Based on its history, Tarumanegara has succeeded in advancing the welfare of the people. Successfully making water canals for farmers made Tarumanegara known as an advanced kingdom.

the kingdoms that were once victorious//inscription


To find out the story of Kediri, we can go directly to an inscription written in Chinese characters. The rapid development made Kediri once a kingdom that was often reported by its people. Not only one inscription that you find but there are several more in the kingdom of Kediri.


Heyyo, who’s ever heard the story about ken Arok and ken Dedes? In the kingdom of Singosari, we will find the life story of a king named Ken Arok. In the life of Ken Arok, there are often power struggles, murders, and much more. When he became king, Ken Arok managed to win a battle with the kingdom of Kediri. Since then the establishment of the Singosari kingdom.

The Sunda Kingdom of Pajajaran

If we study the Sundanese kingdom of Pajajaran, we will stop by the Tarumanegara kingdom. It is known that the formation of the Sunda Pajajaran kingdom was a continuation of the Tarumanegara kingdom. Sunda Pajajaran before standing strong often experienced displacement.


A kingdom that also often experiences a lot of suffering and trials. In the life of Majapahit, he became a silent witness to the struggle for power. That’s what makes a lot of people tell different versions of Majapahit. The palapa oath began when a Majapahit knight took an oath to enlarge the kingdom. The oath is not just a figment.
Majapahit developed and advanced to the peak of his victory. But this turned out to have to stop when the Majapahit knight died.

The world’s first kingdom

The world’s first kingdom

The first kingdom in the world has been around since BC. Many think that at that time they still did not know civilization. Who would have thought that the formation of a kingdom could start from the formation of a group? Having the thought of protecting each other and also protecting the group so that an empire is formed. The world’s first kingdom

Of course, in the kingdom, it is not just leading. Some kings and queens lead the people and several candidates complement the formation of the kingdom such as ministers, advisors, attorneys, and so on. Before the formation of large and modern cities, it turns out that several great and powerful kingdoms stood.

As we know, the formation of the first kingdom was not just to lead but was formed to protect and protect their people. The royal government system began to take shape. Since giving protection to the people of the kingdom began to carry out a rule, one of these rules the people who want to survive and live where have to pay tribute or commonly called taxes.

Of course, many are curious about which of the first kingdoms ever existed in the world, namely:

Egypt – Visitmurraycountyok

Egypt was the first country to start forming an empire. First Egypt has two regions, namely upstream and downstream. In ancient times these two regions were ruled by one king. But because there are several conflicts, Egypt is now divided into two. Namely the upstream and downstream areas.

form the first kingdom//Egypt


In India, there was also the first kingdom. The first kingdom of the Mauryan empire. The powerful kingdoms lasted for quite a long time and ended in the Vedic period.


China also had the first empire that existed for a long time. The first kingdom to exist was the Xia dynasty. The founding of the Xia dynasty can be said not for a while judging from the research the Xia dynasty already existed in the year one thousand six hundred to two thousand and seventy BC.


Georgia also once had a great empire. Based on the history of the state Georgia has 2 kingdoms namely Colchis and Iberia. The two kingdoms turned out to have existed in the Bronze Age. From the two kingdoms, it turns out that the Colchians kingdom adheres to the Greek mythological system

The royal system turned into a republic

The royal system turned into a republic

In ancient times the system of forming the government and guarding the people still used the royal system. In the royal system, there will be a king or emperor who rules and determines all existing decisions. People just follow everything that has been decided and can’t be bothered by anyone. Gradually the royal system turned into a form of state that used the voice of the people. The royal system that turned into a republic certainly makes many wonders.

Countries that previously used the kingdom turned into a republic. The country was formed with 2 different systems. From these two things, the state must decide which government system to use. It’s a tough and confusing decision.

The system forms the country

Monarchy is a system that is formed with the leadership of the direct head of state, namely the king, queen, or emperor. As for the republic, it is the formation of a government that is determined by the people and the people determine the president or head of state. With this meaning, it is easy for heads of state to determine what system of government they will choose. Visitmurraycountyok

Maybe many of us don’t know that many countries that were previously royal have turned into republics. There are several European countries also follow the republic system. Here are the names of the kingdoms that turned into republics, namely:


Italy is a country that previously had a royal system. Changes occurred when Italy suffered a defeat in the second world war. This made the Italians think to advance the glory of the people and turn into a republic. Many Italians hope that the government system is formed with a new system to protect the people.


At the beginning of the formation of Hungary used the royal system. The kingdom also proposed Cooperation with Austria. Cooperation that has been formed for a long time was stopped because of the defeat of the first world war. So Hungary decided to become a republic.


Nepal is a country that has a very long history. Many stories make Nepal able to stand as the first monarchy. Unfortunately, the monarchy system collapsed. The collapse occurred because the Nepalese royal family was shot. A member of the Nepalese kingdom was killed and had to immediately replace the figure of a new king.

Almost all residents do not believe the news and seek the truth. There was a revolt that weakened the kingdom and made the kingdom Nepal disband and turn into a republic.

establish independence//Laos

A country located in Southeast Asia. Laos was previously a royal state. The kingdom was formed because it became part of the French colonial. Laos also made a treaty regarding complete independence and sovereignty. The name of the treaty is Franco-Lao. An agreement that made France must surrender all remaining power to the King of Laos. The Kingdom of Laos has experienced a civil war. Laos became a republic when the troops who participated in the civil war succeeded in carrying out a coup.


Vietnam is a country that has a lot of history regarding the rule of dynasties that have existed in ancient times. Vietnam is also a country that was colonized. Two countries colonized Vietnam, namely France and Japan. The start of Vietnam’s independence during the second world war. Japan lost and one of the young men named Hochi Minh proposed Vietnam become a republic.

A country that is still led by a king

A country that is still led by a king

Time goes on and on and on. Development continues to advance following modern times. Lots of new things keep coming to decorate many places. Each country will also make many changes to be able to progress. In ancient times, every country was led by great kings and replaced by a system of government. Although a lot has changed, the system of protecting the country is still the same. Several countries are still led by wise and strong kings. A country that is still led by a king

Even though they are still led by the king, it doesn’t mean that their lives are like in the ancient rules. Regulations and systems continue to evolve following today’s era. Likewise, countries that are still led by the king also follow the modern system. It doesn’t look old-fashioned and can still keep up with today’s era.

If we delve into the matter of the kingdom, of course, there is no end. There are so many countries that originally led the kingdom to turn into a country with a system of government. However, it turns out that there are still some countries that are still led by great and strong kings. The king whose system of government will continue to run until the next generation.

The following is a list of the names of the countries that are still led by the king, namely:

English Visitmurraycountyok
A country ruled by a beautiful and wise queen. The reign of a queen for so long was able to make the British country advanced and prosperous. A queen who has a lot of complete power over all the country’s decisions.


The country also has a kingdom led by Nawaf al-Sabah. Kuwait itself is known as an oil country. Which is where a lot of oil is on the Persian Gulf coast. Kuwait also has a sub-tropical mountain climate.

modern empire//throne

Saudi Arabia

A country that leads with an absolute monarchy government system. Where every word that takes precedence is the word of the king. As for the prime minister, it is only a sign of the formation of the state.


The country is next to Saudi Arabia in the south. Qatar has a governing system that is a constitutional monarchy or can be said to be an absolute monarchy. A country that also has high progress because Qatar also has natural gas and oil reserves. Qatar is included in the list of the top 3 for oil and natural gas reserves. Exactly in 2022, Qatar will host the world cup.


Previously the Netherlands was led by a person named Beatrix. Since the queen died, the power was replaced by a king who was the son of Queen Beatrix, namely William Alexander. The system that is run uses the power of the president of the state council. A king who was appointed and could not rule directly.

Thailand A country that is still led by a king

Thailand is one of the countries that was never colonized by European countries. Its location in the middle makes Thailand a strong country. Thai culture is influenced by 2 cultures, namely China and India.


The Vatican has a unique system of government. The ruler of the Vatican is a pope. Based on the observation that the pope does not give up the office by descent. Instead, they are chosen based on the decisions of the cardinal council. Thus the royal system can still be led by the pope. Who holds power and also becomes a king.

The sultan’s kingdom still exists in Indonesia

The sultan’s kingdom still exists in Indonesia

Hi friends, let’s find out which areas still have a sultan’s kingdom that still exists in Indonesia. Based on the story, Indonesia used to have many types of kingdoms and is still led by the founders of the kingdom. A great empire capable of leading the people and advancing.

In the past, there were many kinds of great kingdoms. Their greatness is able to accept Cooperation with newcomers to advance the people. When considering the history of the previous kingdoms, no one would have thought that these kingdoms still existed today,

Just history

Visitmurraycountyok – It is undeniable that time continues to make several types of kingdoms buried in historical stories. In the era of the kingdom, the words of the king in each area were absolute and the people could only listen. But since Indonesia’s independence, the decisions of the kings have not been able to shake the hearts of the people.

Indonesia, which continues to advance, makes many types of kingdoms also advance each region. Even though it has become independent there are still several kingdoms that still exist in Indonesia. The sultans still have a leadership spirit and only rule in the area where they live.

The types of sultanate kingdoms that still exist in Indonesia are:

Before the formation of Yogyakarta, there was a name for the type of Mataram kingdom. The Mataram kingdom which adheres to Islamic teachings is one of the largest kingdoms in Java. The previously United Kingdom was finally divided into 2 parts of the region. The division of the region was due to the Giyanti agreement in the year thousand seven hundred and fifty-five.

One of the areas that are shared in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta was led by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono the first. Since being led by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono, the first Yogyakarta has also established a palace as the main place for the royal system to work. Although it is still a kingdom, Yogyakarta is also part of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia. It became a special area of ​​Yogyakarta in 1950.

royal history//yogyakarta

The Surakarta area is one of the areas divided by the giyanti agreement. The location of Surakarta is in solo with the name of the Surakarta palace. Unique to Surakarta, there is a tall tower where the queen of the southern seas and the king of Surakarta meet. But not only meet the queen of the southern seas but the tall tower was also used as a place to spy on the Dutch troops. The founder of the high tower in Surakarta was Sri Susuhan Pakubuwono 3 in 1782.


The area of ​​the sultanate turned out to be obtained by the split from Cirebon. A large area like a football field. If you look at it, you can build a giant soccer field in Kanoman.


Located on the north coast on the border of West Java and Central Java. Cirebon can also be called a cultural liaison between Java and Sunda. Cirebon has a type of kingdom in the form of the kingdom of Pajajaran. The kingdom that previously wanted to hand over leadership to the heirs turned out to be given to other heirs. This is because of religious differences. Prince Cakra Buana who became the first heir to embrace Islam could not lead the Pajajaran kingdom so he was replaced by Prabu Surawisesa who embraced the Sundanese religion.

It is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia. This kingdom, which was formed from 4 villages, could happen because of the frequent appearance of pirates who like to rob. This made the 4 villages merge and formed Ternate. The kingdom of Ternate became one of the kingdoms that were named the sultanate because the king and several leaders in Ternate began to embrace Islam.

5 Tourist Attractions IN Surabaya

5 Tourist Attractions IN Surabaya

Those who often travel or stop by Surabaya, you should not leave a trail that you never knew. Because in Surabaya there are various types of interesting places that you need to visit, even if it’s just a memory. But there’s nothing wrong with visiting to fill your spare time while in Surabaya.

Surabaya is the second metropolitan city in Indonesia, so for those of you who want to visit a big place other than Jakarta, you can go to Surabaya. Of course, as the second famous place in Indonesia, it is not news of the exact population density that only exists in Surabaya. But those of you who want to go to Surabaya as a traveler to enjoy all the beauty in Surabaya, are guaranteed not to lose. Because Surabaya will tantalize your eyes and your stomach.
Here are 5 tourist attractions in Surabaya that you should know

Japanese Flower

Visitmurraycountyok – Tourist attractions this time are like being abroad, because those of you who are there feel like you are in China. Of course, not only the scenery is beautiful, but there are also culinary delights that you need to try. If you visit this place tonight, you will be offered a variety of food. But if you visit in the morning it doesn’t matter because in the morning you will be given a different food menu.

Bamboo Forest and Keputih Harmony Park
In Surabaya there are also places like in Japan. Because there is a bamboo forest which is quite beautiful. Those of you who want to feel the beauty in the bamboo forest then you don’t need to hesitate to travel. For those of you who like to share the atmosphere of photos in this place, you don’t need to hesitate because this place is quite shady.

Ria Kenjeran Park Beach
Those who want to see the sunset of course this place is very promising. Because those of you who want to go to this place don’t need to doubt it. At Ria Kenjeran Beach there is a place like a pavilion which is very pleasant to stare at the beautiful beach in the afternoon. Although this place is paid but you only need to pay around the price of 25 thousand.

regional specialties available//interesting

People’s Amusement Park

This tourist spot is very attractive to children and adults. The rides provided at the public amusement park are roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, boom boom cars, trains. Those of you who want to enter the Takyat amusement park only have to pay an entrance ticket. And for each game ride you also have to pay back the price given.

Ciputra Waterpark Tourism
The city of Surabaya is not just a city, but Surabaya is like the city of Jakarta. Where this city is the second metropolitan city in Indonesia. No wonder the residents in Suarabaya are almost close to residents in the city of Jakarta. Apart from that, Surabaya is also famous for its tourist attractions, squares, parks and various types of tours. Ciputra waterpark tourist attractions will not make you bored, because there are lots of game facilities that will make you and your family very happy. Indeed, the ticket price for Ciputra Waterpark is not the usual price, but you don’t need to be confused because the price of the entrance ticket will make you very happy to be able to taste various games.

Fresh splash

Fresh splash novomatic

Fresh splash game that can provide many symbols of victory that are fresh and delicious. Lots of gamers are curious about the games presented by novomatic. Bright and fresh colors are the theme of the fresh splash game. The basic color of the game screen is yellow filled with lots of soda bubbles that decorate the screen.

There are 5 reels and 4 rows ready to play the game. There are 2 ways to enjoy the game from fresh splash, namely playing manual or automatic games. For those who are experts, of course, they will automatically choose the game. The game will play on its own and there is no need to press play again.

Set bet value

Visitmurraycountyok – Turnover in the game will also be fast and the value is immediately formed without having to wait long. The types of wins that gamers will get can reach 40 types of wins. With the highest score of 40,000. really very fun and fun no need to press the button just wait and get the score.

Playing manually is no less exciting than automatic games. The manual system will invite us to determine the value of the bet that gamers want to play.The symbol will award coins based on the bet amount. The higher the value used, the higher the coin value that gamers will get. Change the bet value by pressing plus or minus.

wild and info

The symbols that are present in the fresh splash game are: star, bell, number seven, fresh watermelon, grapefruit, cherry, plum, lemon, and wild. Each symbol will form a value of sat successfully uniting the same or more symbols. The number that can be obtained must be 3 or more.

fresh fruit//sweet

Wild symbol that can replace all symbols except scatter. Wild will help other symbols by using combinations or similar symbols to win. The star becomes a bright and bright scatter sign. The golden color will give gamers many chances to win. Stars will appear in any position and provide high scores for gamers.

No need to download

When you manage to get a full wild symbol on the screen, gamers will get a lot of winning points. There is a [ i] mark on the bottom screen. This proves that the Fresh Splash game also stores information about each game symbol. There will be an amount and value listed in the game.

To play the fresh splash game, gamers must prepare enough money to play it. Use real money to play novomatic fresh splash game. Want to play this game no need to download again. Just enough to play through the browser can make gamers play to their heart’s content.


Sometimes many gamers hope to get lots of opportunities to win the fresh splash game. Gamers can get this opportunity with some accurate tricks and can win a lot. In this fresh splash game, it does not give gamers the opportunity to taste free spins.

There are no free spins available and what is available is the value that gamers will get in each game symbol. With the explanation above, gamers can choose the type of game they want to play. Using automatic or manual play all gives a lot of fun to gamers. The fresh splash game does not provide jackpots and game bonuses. The game will automatically stop when the game credit value has run out. For manual games, you can stop for a moment adding the value of the bet so you can continue playing.

Cash Patrol

Cash Patrol – Pragmatic Play

The cash patrol slot game will provide 25 ways for bettors to easily get the payment value. Of course the symbols that are on the pay line from left to right of the same type give the payout value. In the game round there will be a digger value that will be given so that the bettor easily reaches the payment value. The game level of the cash patrol slot is moderate so that the game round that is present will make it easier for bettors to reach the free spins game round.

Placing a bet on a cash patrol slot does not need to use a high value. With only a minimum bet, the bettor will provide a payment value. With a minimum of 0.25 bettors can place bets. And the maximum bet value can be done with 125. And the good news is that bettors who will play in the cash patrol slot will be given an RTP value of 96.5%. With the size of the game 3×5 reels, bettors will play with pleasure.

Payment value

  • Car Symbol The presence of 3 similar symbols gives a value of 0.8, 4 = 4 and 5 = 64.Visitmurraycountyok
  • For banknote symbols, the presence of 3 similar symbols gives a value of 0.4, 4 = 2.4 and 5 = 14.
  • The police hat symbol, the presence of 3 similar symbols gives a value of 0.4, 4 = 2 and 5 = 12.
  • The handcuff symbol, the presence of 3 similar symbols gives a value of 0.4, 4 = 2 and 5 = 10.
  • Symbol A the presence of 3 similar symbols gives a value of 0.4, 4 = 1.6 and 5 = 8.
  • Symbol K, the presence of 3 similar symbols gives a value of 0.4, 4 = 0.8 and 5 = 8.
  • Symbol Q the presence of 3 similar symbols gives a value of 0.4, 4 = 0.8 and 5 = 8.
  • Symbol J the presence of 3 similar symbols gives a value of 0.4, 4 = 0.8 and 5 = 8.
  • Wild is the symbol for the letter WILD. Wilds that are present in the game will replace other symbols. Wild that is present in the game cannot replace the bonus symbol, the Money symbol. The wild symbol usually appears on reels 2,3, 4 and 5.
  • The scatter symbol is an alarm symbol with lights. The scatter symbol is a bonus symbol. Scatter appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. The scatter symbol present will provide a multiplier value. If 3 scatters appear, the digger value is 1x of the total bet. And if 3 scatters appear, it triggers 8 free spins.

Money Symbol

If there is a policeman symbol with hair on the chin, it is a money symbol. This symbol usually appears on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4. The money symbol will appear randomly. The money symbol has several collect symbols, namely the police symbol with various characters.

the appearance of symbols only in free spins//payment
Free Spins

The presence of 3 bonus symbols triggers 8 free spins. The money symbol and collect symbol will appear during free spins. During free spins collect symbols and money symbols will continue to appear to provide payout values. Of course, with the collect symbol, the bettor will not only get the payment value but will also get a response. If the bettor meets the collect symbol which is a male symbol carrying a pin with a cowboy hat triggers a respin. Bettors who have entered the free spins, of course, will easily enter the free spins. But first make sure the scatter symbol must appear in the game.